Hipihi next version preview video

There’s a preview of some of the features of the next version of Hiphi at http://www.vimeo.com/4057576

The next version appears to have cars you can ride in and doors that move, among other nice things.

There are dark spells in the video, presumably the result of Hipihi’s rigid day-night cycle, which I’ve felt all along is a serious mistake, both for average users who want to see the world around them, but also for making videos. Machinimatography without control of the lights – yuch, bad decision, Hipihi.

It appears that land editing allows for making caves or something similar; either that or you can deform a prim’s mesh.

There are fluttering flags as well.

There’s rain – I hope, though I don’t know, that if there has to be rain, it won’t be rain that goes through objects. Better no rain than rain that goes through objects.

The video shows a nice shiny effect, I don’t know if that’s new or just not something I can see in the current version very well owing to my lousy video card.

I don’t have an ETA for this next version.

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uWorld Architectural Tools help file with Google translation

I’ve copied and pasted and smooshed together a version of  another one of the uWorld help files, this time the Architectural Design Tools.


It is my understanding that there are programs that can translate both html and pdf files that include images and leave the images in place.  I wish I had one.

Even better would be one that would insert the translated text following the original text and adjust the height of pages and page break locations such that the original pagination is preserved despite the insertion of additional text.

And then automatically put it into a wiki or other collaborative editing system.

In search of uWorld info in English

I have just sent an email to uonenet@uonenet.com as follows:


I am in search of help information for uWorld in English.

I am also seeking a person, a contact, who can answer questions about the installation and use of the uWorld virtual world in English.

I don’t speak or read Chinese.  I know of several other people interested in uWorld who don’t speak Chinese who are also interested in English language information about how to register on the uwo3d web site and how to install uWorld and how to use the program, which is quite hard for those who don’t speak Chinese.

Possibly you might want to send a similar email if you are wanting to find out about uWorld.

There is a facebook uWorld group, which I have just joined.

If there are any bilingual Chinese-English speakers interested in uWorld who can help us English only people get the new version of uWorld installed on our non-Chinese-localized Windows and Vista systems please contact me.

If anyone has any further ideas on how to find uWorld information please reply.  Thanks.

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uWorld forums – why don’t my posts show up?

I’m registered with the forums for the uWorld virtual world, and I can sign in and make a post, and it appears to work except for one small problem: the posts don’t show up in the forum index.

It’s hard to deal with a website in a language you can’t read, and which if you are using a translated version, doesn’t work because you can’t be signed in on the translated version.

The url for the uWorld forums is http://bbs.uworld3d.com/mvnforum/mvnforum/index .

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uWorld upgraded, uWorld no longer works

I got an email advising me of an upgrade to the uWorld virtual world.

Following the link in the email led to a page with two choices, which Google language tools translated as a choice between a patch and a complete new install file.

I tried the patch first.  After installing the patch, I was unable to connect to uWorld.  The program starts, but vanished from the screen with no error message.

Then I tried the complete installation.  This will get to the login screen, but doesn’t proceed.  Clicking the big button which I believe means “log on” doesn’t cause you to connect and log on.

Anyone had any luck getting the new version of uWorld to work on English localized Windows?

Are the Hipihi forums broken?

I can’t start new threads in the forums at forums.hipihi.com.

I’ve tested this in Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Opera 9.5, Flock, and several other browsers.

I believe there’s a problem with FckEdit.

Could some please try to post in the Overseas Zone forum at forums.hipihi.com and let me know what the result is? Thanks.

My daughter is about to have a baby.

My older daughter is about to have a baby.  She’s in the hospital.  She doesn’t seem to be progressing rapidly, so I’ve come back home to get some sleep before returning to the hospital tomorrow.