SL Issue Tracker (Jira) WEB-1566 Spambots in the forums

This jira issue was at the top of the list when I put “Spam Forums” into the issue tracker search.

Post-bots or spam-bots are posting repeatedly in the forums

The spam in the forums part of the Jive SBS powered blog system gives a powerful impression that no one is home at Linden Lab.  It’s like unrepaired broken living room windows in a house.


SL Jira VWR-17168 Separate Real World info from SL info in profile tab

I don’t want to see people’s Real Life info unless I deliberately look for it.

Amplify’d from

Separate Real World information from Second Life in the profile tab

Move the real world information to its own tab in the resident’s profile. RL information will still be there for those who want to see it but not forced upon those who don’t want to see it. 


SL Development Viewer uninstall file deletion bypasses recycle bin

If you run the Second Life Development Viewer “Uninstall”, and at the end of the process it says “There are files left in the SL program folder, would you like to delete them?”, it not only deletes the files in the program folder, it also deletes the files in “Application Data” and “Local Settings, which means it deletes your settings, your entire chat history, any files you have in the “Application Data” SL folder for testing UI skins, and so on, but it deletes the files in such a way as to bypass the recycle bin. I do not like it when programs delete files in such a way as to bypass the recycle bin. I have my OS set to put deleted files in the recycle bin for a reason. Programs mistakenly deleting nearly 7 years of chat records is a good example why. The problem with deleting file other than those in the SL program folder might already be fixed, but I’ll wager that the bypassing the recycle bin problem is not.

After seeing that the files were not in the recycle bin, I tried a system restore to yesterday.   That did not restore the deleted files.

There’s no reason for programs to delete files permanently like SL does.

Last day of the Second Life Mentor group

Today is scheduled to be the last day of the Second Life Linden Lab operated volunteer groups, the Second Life Mentor group, Second Life Mentor Q&A, and the Instructor group.

I’ve been in the Mentor group for years.  It’s kind of sad to see the groups go.

I’ve had a lot of fun explaining how to get a box off your head and telling people that they need to update their video drivers or perhaps downdate their video drivers and other such things.

There’s a new plan in place for Linden Lab to interface with resident run help groups.  There’s a bit about it at this blog post: .

Best wishes to my fellow soon to ex official SL volunteers and to the staff who’ve dealt with us over the years.

Opera stretching the icons at the Second Life forums

Opera stretching the icons at

Opera has been distorting these standard vBulletin provided images for months now.

It’s intermittent but frequent.

The urls are at As I said, the problem is intermittent. To view these urls you have to be a member of Second Life with payment information on file.

So if someone at Opera wants to try to fix this problem, register with Second Life, sign up for the forums, and view the forums at in a normal manner using the Opera browser.

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Mashable (and the rest of the web) coming to Second Life

Some Second Life users have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of “HTML on a prim” for years now.

Linden Lab is making progress on this front with the new “web content as parcel media” in a test version of Second Life.

The test version is called Release Candidate 1.19.1. Being a release candidate means the changes are not too far from being moved into the normal client, the one everyone that joins Second Life gets when they start.

The new web content on a parcel is not the more complex and powerful “HTML on a prim” but it is a major step along that path.

This picture shows my profile on the social networking news site.

Second Life has been using a Firefox variant to display various web pages and other parts of the interface for a while now. Release Candidate 1.19.1 promotes that Firefox based browser to first class citizen status, allowing SL users to view web pages in the Second Life interface in that browser.

Once this catches on web designers should begin making pages that are smaller than normal pages, possibly sized like pages made for display on mobile devices like the iPhone or Google phone. The small size is critical to make these pages pleasant to use without scrolling while blocking as little of the Second Life world as possible. One would expect SLExchange and OnRez to make such pages. I’m hoping that other businesses will do so.

I am also hoping that groups like the Second Life Mentors, New Citizens Inc.,  Hobos, and individuals like Prokofy Neva and Gwendolyn Llewellyn  might make some good web pages designed to fit in a small space, somewhat like the old abandoned F1 Help pages were designed, but the new ones need to designed to be even smaller – half the height of the old F1 Help pages, maybe half the width as well. New users and those who help the new users need to be able to leave the help screen displayed a lot of the time without blocking too much of the world view.

The web browser panel itself could stand to be put on a diet – it has a bunch of wasted space in the frame that hold the window titel and buttons – for an abnormal use like the web browser in a virtual world viewer,  conventions about having a separate window title line, and putting a few button on this line, and a few more on that line, and some blank space for esthetics, and some padding on the sides, should be tossed out and just cram those controls into as small a space as workable.

Here’s an url for some guidelines on designing pages for mobile devices that people designing pages for use in the in-client SL web browser might want to take to heart: Usability guidelines for websites on mobile devices

I am wanting social networks to get hooked up in the virtual worlds, along with collaboration software like’s offering, Google Docs, the upcoming online Microsoft office products, and the Adobe 3D graphics collaboration .

Second Life Release Candidate 1.19.1 also includes the much talked aboutchanges to the weather, sky, lighting and shading system known as Windlight .

I think the introduction of the web into Second Life will be more of a change than Windlight. Windlight just changes some fairly superficial aspects of how things look. Getting the web into Second Life, not in the limited form in the 1.19.1 version, but the full featured form it will have a few more versions from now, will change the way that people interact, the way they connect to each other.

Openlife Grid Ogre


Interesting seeing the OGRE engine used to display the openlife world.

There are links to movies but they seem to be broken.

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