Yes on 19 – Legalize Marijuana

That people support putting their children, parents, siblings, cousins, friends, co-workers, and fellow church members in prison for years or decades for peaceful actions that no one involved in had any complaint about shows how little advanced humans are above animals in moral sense.  It’s depressing.

So, cheer me up by voting Yes on Prop. 19.


Immigration restrictions, passports, visas, and the like

If there were race, religion,  or sexual orientation based equivalents to passports, visas,  immigration restrictions, and the like, lots of people would be justifiably up in arms about how wrong they are, but since passports, visas, immigration restrictions, and the like base their discrimination on  national origin and national citizenship, people not only don’t oppose them, they insist that they are absolutely necessary and that terrible things would happen if these oppressive and repugnant policies were not enforced.

This suggest to me that most people, deep in their hearts,  think of  people who are  citizens of a nation other than their own as sub-human.

It’s no doubt true that in many cases nation-state based bigotry is based on race  and religion based prejudice, but I think that pure nationality bigotry is a sad and very harmful reality.  Nation-state bigotry is a moral abomination,  the same as racism, religious bigotry, and other such collectivist prejudices,  but nation based discrimination is popular nearly universally.

There are  folks who claim to oppose nation-state bigotry, but few support the measures that a consistent opposition to nation-state bigotry implies,  such as  abolishing immigration restrictions, passports requirements, visas and other similar policies that impair freedom based on national origin or citizenship.

It’s a shame.