Second Life: Network Configuration

From the Second Life Knowledge Base:

How do I configure my hardware firewall (such as a router)?

Hardware firewalls need to allow access on certain network ports. Second Life needs to connect to ports 443/TCP, 12035/UDP, 12036/UDP, 12043/TCP, and 13000-13050/UDP. You should configure your firewall to allow outbound traffic on those ports, and related inbound traffic. You’ll need to consult your firewall’s documentation, or the manufacturer’s website, for instructions on how to make these changes to your firewall. As of Version 1.13.2, released Jan. 10th, 2007, you may need to enable UDP/TCP in order to access Second Life.


If your hardware firewall is a Cisco router/switch that uses reflexive access lists (IOS 11.0 or later), add these lines to your outbound access list:

permit tcp any any eq 443

permit udp any any eq 12035 reflect outbound-SL

permit udp any any eq 12036 reflect outbound-SL

permit udp any any range 13000 13050 reflect outbound-SL

Then, on your inbound access list, add:

permit tcp any any established

evaluate outbound-SL

Then, apply these access lists. SL should now be able to communicate through this router.

Linux Killerwall

If your hardware firewall is a Linux box that uses Killerwall, add these lines to your /etc/killerwall.acl:

IN IFACE <your lan interface> FROM TO tcp TOPORT 443 ACCEPT

IN IFACE <your lan interface> FROM TO udp TOPORT 12035 ACCEPT

IN IFACE <your lan interface> FROM TO udp TOPORT 12036 ACCEPT

IN IFACE <your lan interface> FROM TO udp TOPORT 13000-13050 ACCEPT

Then, restart Killerwall. Killerwall automatically tracks related reply packets, so SL should now work correctly.

Linux Firewall

If your hardware firewall is a Linux box that uses IPF (Linux Firewall)

pass out quick on rl0 proto tcp from any to any port = 443 flags S keep state

pass out quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port = 12035

pass out quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port = 12036

pass out quick on rl0 proto tcp from any to any port = 12043 flags S keep state

pass out quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port 12999 <> 13051

pass in quick on rl0 proto tcp from any to any port = 443 flags S keep state

pass in quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port = 12035

pass in quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port = 12036

pass in quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port 12999 <> 13051

Can I use voice from behind a firewall?

Voice, like Second Life itself, is designed to work with “zero configuration” and should work with most firewalls. Your firewall sofware may request permission to let “SLVoice.exe” and “SLVoiceAgent.exe” access the internet on their first execution; you should allow this access.

The following ports need to be reachable through any firewall infrastructure:

Port 21002 – TCP – for voice control signals

Ports 12000-13000 – UDP – for voice media

Port 80/443 – TCP – for Web server

Ports 5060 or 5062 – UDP – for voice control signals

Second Life also has voice servers at the following IPs (this list will grow over time): to to

It’s also true that if the SIP connection on port 5060 fails (as it might if the router is designed to provide VoIP services of its own) our software will automatically retry on port 5062. This means that port 5062 may need to be opened on some restrictive firewalls in rare instances.

You can verify if your firewall is configured for voice by visiting this website to identify common problems.

The entire indented passage above is copied verbatim from the Second Life Knowledge Base produced by Linden Research, Inc.

I have copied this here so I can give people an url to this information.


83 Responses to “Second Life: Network Configuration”

  1. Rens Sparrius Says:


    Thnx for publishing this information but for IP Filter configurations the rules are not working.

    Every line has to have the KEEP STATE option, except for the port 12043 rows.. this rows needs the ‘flags S keep state’ option as published above.

    Then it works wonderfull,

    Greetinx, Rens

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Can anyone comment on the comment above?

    I don’t have to do that sort of thing, I use Windows.

    The information I provided came from the Linden Lab produced Knowledge Base, and I would thus think that it has been used many times, and had ample opportunity for correction. Although , I don’t have real idea how many people use Linux for SL. If it’s just 20 or 30 people doing Linux SL there might have been only a few people that used the info and they fixed the problem and never told anyone.

    The other possibility, to someone like me who is approaching this completely unconstrained by knowledge, is that different Linuxes might be slightly different and some work without the changes suggested above.

  3. donny arkright Says:

    hoping anyone can help…cable connection..log on sl..stops at waiting for region handshake…error problems connecting pls check ur firlewall , no antivirus..i can log in with my old laptop using same network..but not with new laptop..opened sl troubleshoot..did it all..ty for trying to help me.

  4. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Donny, I suggest that you post your problem at both the old SL forums, at, and in the newer place, Second Life Answers, which is at You’ll get more attention at those places than you will here. Providing some more detailed system specs would be a good idea.

  5. BjRazzz Qinan Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this, I added the ports to my router. Your a Second “Life Saver”. 🙂

    • Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

      Anyone looking for help with Second Life should be aware that Linden Lab provides a wiki at, and a user-helping-user system using their blog software system. There are two distinct parts of the user helping user system, the part called Second Life Answers, for questions that are asked with the hope of rapidly finding a clear-cut answer, and the Second Life Forums (successor to the old vBulletins forums by the same name), for longer discussions.

  6. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    This post came to my attention as the result of a spam comment.
    Upon reading my last comment, it occurred to me that I should also have pointed out that premium members of SL can get help from Linden Lab on a variety of matters, by filing support tickets or by Live Chat help. For that matter, free members can get help from Linden Lab on certain issues by filing support tickets. So it’s not just the user to user help mentioned above. Also, for user to user help, there are third party forums, such as,, and others.

  7. sequoiacopyru Says:

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  8. Dave Says:

    Configuring your router/firewall properly is critical, but it’s also important to be able to make sure your client machine can reach the Internet (and hence all of the Second Life servers) on all of the required Second Life ports. has a Java based applet that can test any UDP or TCP port (or range of ports) to make sure neither your firewall or your ISP is blocking them in the outbound direction (PC to Internet.)

    – Firebinder

  9. Thomas Patrice Says:

    I use windows 7, I just switched to it, and now I can’t log in
    What can I do

    • SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

      Thomas Patrice, I suggest you ask for help in a Second Life forum. For the official forums the url is . The longest running third party forum is at . You might be able to file a support ticket at; if so it can’t hurt to do that but I’d also ask at a forum. When you ask for help with computer problems it’s good to provide more information that your question contains, such as, for example, what viewer you are using, and the exact text of any error messages you get.

  10. Second Life Voice Problems Says:

    […] a new firewall (firewall configuration reference for Second Life) or anti-virus program could be the problem. A recent update to either could be causing the […]

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  37. ProtocolGeek Says:

    Firebind has a new Second Life TCP/UDP port test that is preconfigured so you don’t need to enter a list of ports manually. It will test the UDP and TCP ports to make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the needed ports.

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