Second Life Jira Issue: VWR-23464 Property Lines gone mad in Development Viewer 2.2.1

Property Lines gone mad in Development Viewer 2.2.1 (212233)

On my system, “Property Lines” in Development Viewer 2.2.1 (212233) are behaving abnormally. They are not where property lines should be.

These lines do appear and disappear depending on the Show Property Lines setting.

First: I turned on Show Property Lines.

Bug Observed: red lines, not on property boundaries, appear, more than there should be, extending into the air in some cases. 

The post editor is too fancy

There was a time when I found the post editor pretty satisfying – it did what I needed and worked fast enough.

Now it’s too fancy, with too many features I don’t need, and most importantly, takes too long to load its fancy features and makes me go through too many screens and dialogs and such to be much fun to use.

Second Life Jira Issue: VWR-6852 – Render Axes renders at the Sim corner

I’ve been waiting for this issue to get fixed for years now.  I use the axes.

Description:  Choosing Advanced>Render>Axes renders the x, y, and z aves at the sim corner and places a solid white bar running vertically through the avatars. Picture is attached

Axes Bug

Axes in wrong place

If governments were restaurants, I’d prefer to eat at home.

You can’t feed someone a shit sandwich for breakfast and then expect them for lunch, unless you’re the government, then you can do it for centuries, and people are lined up around the block at all hours of the day waiting for your offerings.   The secret is to make sure they don’t see the kitchen, and lie well on the menu.

One size does not fit all

In Viewer 2, Linden Lab took a number of dialog boxes, or panels, if you prefer that term, meant to serve distinctly different purposes, needing a  different nature and number of interface elements, and made them all exactly the same size.

Whatever happened to the old phrase “form follows function”?

#SL Jira: VWR-19189 Group-list in profile is a wall of text

The previous JIra issue on this topic that I posted about a few hours ago was just marked as a duplicate of this issue. If you’d like to be able to read the group list, vote for this jira issue. This problem stems from trying to fit the inventory, profile, group and other dialogs into the same size dialog box so they can all fit in “the sidebar”. The sidebar was a bad idea, and this is one of the problems it created. Vote for this issue.

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Look at the profile of this friendly troll (screenshot “profile”)
To someone with dyslexia (like me) the group-list looks like a “wall of text”.
The font isn’t clear, the line-spacing is too small, the underlining is confusing, and I can’t see where an entry starts or ends.

In other words: I can’t read this. It’s an antheap crawling with letters.
And then I look down and see this endless sea of grey …

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#SL Jira VWR-23024: Replace the sidebar icons with a main menu option

I don’t want little icons sticking into the 3D viewport all the time, nor most nor even some of the time. You shouldn’t want that either.

Next I’ll think I’ll file an issue to get the “Stand Up” button out of the viewport.

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As a user, I’d like to have the sidebar icons replaced with a “Panels” option in the main menu

As a user,I don’t want any icons, such as specifically the sidebar icons for inventory, people, etc. sticking into the 3D viewport. I’d like them replaced with a “Panels” option in the main menu.