How to run multiple acccounts at once in Second Life®

The question of how to run multiple instances of the Second Life® viewer appears many times in the SL forums.  Here’s a way to do it that is apparently not well known.

With a current SL browser, you can set an option in the Advanced, Debug Settings dialog to allow you to run multiple avatars at the same time on one machine.   The option is called “AllowMultipleViewers” .  Set the value of “Allow Multiple Viewers” to  TRUE. Once you set this value, exit Second Life.  You should now be able to run  Second Life with one account, and then start the program again and run a different account while the first instance of the program is still running.

This eliminates the need to mess around with your Second Life shortcut.

uWorld Build Editor

I’ve added Google translations to the uWorld help system’s page on the uWorld build editor, in the event anyone’s interested.  It’s at

Novoking .94 – no more flying or just a change of controls?

Is there really no more flying in Novoking version .94 , or just a change of controls?

If there was a English translation of the help files I suppose I might not be asking this here. is the place to go the check out this virtual world.

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Hipihi and Novoking – why not normal resizable windows?

Both Novoking and Hipihi don’t have resizable windows that you can maximize and have them fill the screen minus the taskbar area. (Like the browser you are reading this in does.)

In both Hipiihi and Novoking you can make it full screen or not, when not, it doesn’t fill the screen, and doesn’t fill the screen minus the taskbar.

So with both programs, you can accidentally hit the area outside of the virtual world’s window, like some annoying add on the browser, or accidentally hit the close window X on the program behind the virtual world window.

These two programs are the only programs I use that have this flaw.

In my decades of computer use I have never once wanted a program to work like these programs do regarding the size of the program window.

It’s annoying.

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Novoking version 0.94

Here’s the Google translation of an email I just got from the Novoking virtual world:

Dear Novoking residents, Hello:

Here we are very pleased to tell you that we Novoking new version of the client (0.94 Beta version) 5
8 on the line. This is a quarter since the latest development results, based on the original version of I
To increase the number of new content. From now on you can download the new version of Novoking0.94Beta
Client, a completely new experience Novoking virtual world!

Compared with the past, we have done a great new version of the update, the main changes are:
1, the user interface an entirely new look, more stylish cooler;
2, music is everywhere, in all corners of the world you can hear the latest and most popular music;
3, we have done a re-designed ballroom, a cooler atmosphere High;

And our social system, the honor system, the task system, economic system also have an on-line content, with
You start with colorful virtual life……

There are many wonderful design (see), you need to experience that!
Come on, you are welcome to enter a new Novoking virtual world!

So if you haven’t tried Novoking for a while, or at all, this might be a good time to give it a try.

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Menu Text Distortion in Second Life on Linux

I installed Linux on one machine and then tried out Second Life.

The text in some parts of the interface is distorted.

This is like the problem described in .

I suppose installing a different ATI driver might solve the problem. I’m not real keen on doing much experimentation about it since I know essentially zero about Linux.

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Hipihi is open beta now

The indented section following is copied from the HIpihi forums English language forum, the Overseas Zone:

HiPiHi enters open public beta

We are very excited announce the debuting of HiPiHi’s open public beta test, beginning from April 18th,
2008. From now on, our HiPiHi world will welcome new residents from all
corners around the world and join our existing residents on this
magical land created by yourselves.

During this period, feel free to invite your friends to become new residents through our new resident registration page
For our existing residents (who did not complete the name-change process during April 2nd -17th),
we will kept your virtual assets on our server but your username runs
the risk of being over-ridden by new residents as their “nickname”. You
can still use your old username and password to take back your assets.
Here are some examples for you to understand your situation:
  1. Resident
    “Happygirl” did not complete the name-change process during April 2nd
    -17th. From April 18th, new residents may take this name as their
  2. If Resident “happygirl” trys to log in after
    April 18th, she will be auto-directed to the name-change page, where
    she may still use “Happygirl” as her username if it has not been taken
    by new users, or to change her name (e.g. “happgirl_me”) if her old
    name was occupied by a new resident.
We kindly remind you to enter our name-change page as soon as possible to protect your old username.
Note: Please download our 50021 customer side for your usage in this new period.

The start page for Hipihi is .

The English information page is at .

The English registration page is at .

For help in English with Hipihi you can use the Hipihi OverSeas Zone forum, once you’ve registered with Hipihi. Note that the forum software itself is in Chinese.

Another place to go for help in English with Hipihi is . Note that the forum software at is in English.

There’s also a Hipihi group in facebook.

The downloads from Hipihi have always been slow for me, and they might for you. So – be patient. It’s not like you have to just watch the download screen it’s downloading.

I’m still waiting for the download to complete, so I don’t know exactly what to expect yet.

This is a beta; it’s not the finished product. One can expect to have some rocky riding during a beta.

I’m not sure about the language requirements for this version, or the degree to which the interface is available in English.

So – why not give Hipihi a try?

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