Hipihi is open beta now

The indented section following is copied from the HIpihi forums English language forum, the Overseas Zone:

HiPiHi enters open public beta

We are very excited announce the debuting of HiPiHi’s open public beta test, beginning from April 18th,
2008. From now on, our HiPiHi world will welcome new residents from all
corners around the world and join our existing residents on this
magical land created by yourselves.

During this period, feel free to invite your friends to become new residents through our new resident registration page
For our existing residents (who did not complete the name-change process during April 2nd -17th),
we will kept your virtual assets on our server but your username runs
the risk of being over-ridden by new residents as their “nickname”. You
can still use your old username and password to take back your assets.
Here are some examples for you to understand your situation:
  1. Resident
    “Happygirl” did not complete the name-change process during April 2nd
    -17th. From April 18th, new residents may take this name as their
  2. If Resident “happygirl” trys to log in after
    April 18th, she will be auto-directed to the name-change page, where
    she may still use “Happygirl” as her username if it has not been taken
    by new users, or to change her name (e.g. “happgirl_me”) if her old
    name was occupied by a new resident.
We kindly remind you to enter our name-change page as soon as possible to protect your old username.
Note: Please download our 50021 customer side for your usage in this new period.

The start page for Hipihi is hipihi.com .

The English information page is at http://www.hipihi.com/index_en.html .

The English registration page is at http://service.hipihi.com/member/register/en/register.jhtml .

For help in English with Hipihi you can use the Hipihi OverSeas Zone forum, once you’ve registered with Hipihi. Note that the forum software itself is in Chinese.

Another place to go for help in English with Hipihi is http://www.ideashape.cn . Note that the forum software at http://www.ideashape.cn is in English.

There’s also a Hipihi group in facebook.

The downloads from Hipihi have always been slow for me, and they might for you. So – be patient. It’s not like you have to just watch the download screen it’s downloading.

I’m still waiting for the download to complete, so I don’t know exactly what to expect yet.

This is a beta; it’s not the finished product. One can expect to have some rocky riding during a beta.

I’m not sure about the language requirements for this version, or the degree to which the interface is available in English.

So – why not give Hipihi a try?

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I have a QQ account now!

My QQ id is 823498840.

I would be pleased if some Hipihi and Novoking users would add me to their QQ lists.

I have a partially English version of the QQ messenger installed now.

I have a QQzone page but haven’t figured out how to edit it yet since the page itself is in Chinese.

A Hipihi user set up my QQ account and thus my password is known to someone else. I will have to figure out how to change the password, which might be a bit of a job since the links for the password changing page and the page you change the password on will all be in Chinese.

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Vastpark Pre-Test Test

VastPark had a test Wednesd March 19th, 2008, and I was there.

Nice looking place, except for too many mazes.

Created in 3D modeler and uploaded by a user: [原创]用户离线创造展示[NOVOKING社区]


I think this was created by a user and uploaded into the Novoking world. It is hard for me to read the forum, none of the translators work when you are logged in.

I have not had the pleasure of seeing these inworld.

This picture and a number more are in the Novoking forum at http://www.novoking.com/N_BBS/dispbbs.asp?boardID=28&ID=822&page=1

I just wish I would run into someone inworld.

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HTML on a prim – sort of – Release Notes for Second Life Release Candidate 1.19.1(0) March 5th, 2008

This seems to be fairly significant, Second Life will be mainstreaming Windlight and offering a much improved parcel media capability, meaning showing normal web content on a parcel media textured prim instead of just quicktime displayable content.

If anyone has a parcel making use of the new web content capability please let me know, I’d like to take a look.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.19.1(0) March 5th, 2008 – by Linden Lab
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Second Life Community Entry Points

Second Life has a number of places that new users can sign up with that start the user out at different places in Second Life, places operated by various third party in partnership with Linden Lab, with the different places having different styles according to the tastes of the Second Life community partner. I was looking for a simple list of these places and I didn’t see one, so I made one. As always when making a static copy of something, errors in copying can occur, and the information may become out of date. These links take you to the sign up pages for these community entry points.

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A Hipihi Wiki at Hipihiwiki.com

网站首页-HiPiHi百科-最好最权威的HiPiHi虚拟世界百科网站!-Powered by HDWiki V 3.0

I hope this will be another useful reference for Hipihi users.  I just signed up with it.

Let’s see if I can post something there….

Well there’s a page by me there now, not much of a page but it’s a start.  http://www.hipihiwiki.com/doc.php?action=view&docid=29

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Translating the Hipihi help pdf file “居民帮助手册.pdf”

Hipihi comes with a pdf file in the Hipihi program folders, called 居民帮助手册.pdf

I want this translated into English. A bilingual person could do this themself, so if you are such an able and willing person, I’d like to know.

There are other more labor intensive methods. To try some of these other methods it would be very useful to have a version of the file in HTML with as much formatting preserved as possible. This could then be put into a wiki and folks could use Google to provide machine translations which would be good enough to get someone started using the program which would then provide the experience and knowledge needed to polish up the Google machine translation.

So if anyone is willing to convert the Hipihi 居民帮助手册.pdf into English or convert it into a different format such as HTML or MS Word, please let me know. Thanks.
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Openlife Grid Ogre


Interesting seeing the OGRE engine used to display the openlife world.

There are links to movies but they seem to be broken.

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Hipihi 50012 – F1 Help – in English!

Not to report great things too soon, but pressing F1 in the new Hipihi version 50012 has produced a screen of help text in English.

I’m not able to copy and paste the text, unfortunately, but here is a screenshot: F1 Help in English

Hipihi has a setup program that I need to run because Hipihi thinks my video card is a bit better than it really is, or something like that. I can set my card to the optimum setting, the lowest setting, but I can’t read the dialog box text, and I still don’t know what the other settings are for or how to set them correctly.

The FPS setting had shown 50, I changed it to 20, thinking it might be the FPS I want the system to try to achieve. 20 is adequate, I’d rather see farther and have things look better. So maybe 20 will let the system try to give a better display. Or maybe not, how do I know, I can’t read the instructions.

Well this time setting my video setting to the one that worked in earlier versions has not caused the terrain to display properly, the terrain is gray.

I am also unable to walk. I don’t know what the problem is is.

I’m getting tired. I think I will see about heading on to sleep shortly.

To read more about Hipihi 50012, if you read Chinese, go to hipihi.com, if not, go to http://www.ideashape.cn and the Overseas Zone forum in the forums at Hipihil.com.

Hipihi’s looking good.  At least some of my problems with 50012 were my own fault, not paying proper attention to details when installing, then getting “creative” trying to fix things, i.e., really screwing it up.

There’s some nice looking builds there.

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