I was surfing around looking for information on the virtual world Splume and I saw an entry suggesting that wordpress.com doesn’t have anything tagged with Splume, so I figured I’d make a post and tag it “Splume”.

I’d like to try the Splume virtual environment but I’m finding the Japanese only website and instructions to be a bit challenging since I only speak English.  Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.

It seems to me that the Second Life, Splume, and Hipihi folks should work out a way to allow one to have an avatar identity that can move from one world to another.   I  just mean that I could for example ask Linden Lab to register SuezanneC Baskerville at Hipihi and Splume, and there would be a way for Splume and Hipihi users to see that my account in their virtual world was actually  linked with the SuezanneC Baskerville account in Second Life.

Also it seems like it should be possible for people to at least share images and text between the Second Life, Hipihi, and Splume  worlds.   (and Papermint and whatever else).   I realize the 3D assets, terrain, objects as well as the currency systems would make a truly merged multi-origin virtual space impossible or nearly so, but some form of communication between the different virtual environment systems shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for the folks that can make the virtual environments work in the first place.