Hipihi and Novoking – why not normal resizable windows?

Both Novoking and Hipihi don’t have resizable windows that you can maximize and have them fill the screen minus the taskbar area. (Like the browser you are reading this in does.)

In both Hipiihi and Novoking you can make it full screen or not, when not, it doesn’t fill the screen, and doesn’t fill the screen minus the taskbar.

So with both programs, you can accidentally hit the area outside of the virtual world’s window, like some annoying add on the browser, or accidentally hit the close window X on the program behind the virtual world window.

These two programs are the only programs I use that have this flaw.

In my decades of computer use I have never once wanted a program to work like these programs do regarding the size of the program window.

It’s annoying.

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Installing East Asian language support under Windows – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Installing East Asian language support under Windows – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Windows XP

  1. On the Windows Start menu, point to Control Panel, and then click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.
  2. Click the Regional and Language Options icon, and then click the Languages tab.
  3. In the Supplemental languages support box, check the box for Install East Asian Languages.
  4. Click Apply and OK.
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Hipihi is open beta now

The indented section following is copied from the HIpihi forums English language forum, the Overseas Zone:

HiPiHi enters open public beta

We are very excited announce the debuting of HiPiHi’s open public beta test, beginning from April 18th,
2008. From now on, our HiPiHi world will welcome new residents from all
corners around the world and join our existing residents on this
magical land created by yourselves.

During this period, feel free to invite your friends to become new residents through our new resident registration page
For our existing residents (who did not complete the name-change process during April 2nd -17th),
we will kept your virtual assets on our server but your username runs
the risk of being over-ridden by new residents as their “nickname”. You
can still use your old username and password to take back your assets.
Here are some examples for you to understand your situation:
  1. Resident
    “Happygirl” did not complete the name-change process during April 2nd
    -17th. From April 18th, new residents may take this name as their
  2. If Resident “happygirl” trys to log in after
    April 18th, she will be auto-directed to the name-change page, where
    she may still use “Happygirl” as her username if it has not been taken
    by new users, or to change her name (e.g. “happgirl_me”) if her old
    name was occupied by a new resident.
We kindly remind you to enter our name-change page as soon as possible to protect your old username.
Note: Please download our 50021 customer side for your usage in this new period.

The start page for Hipihi is hipihi.com .

The English information page is at http://www.hipihi.com/index_en.html .

The English registration page is at http://service.hipihi.com/member/register/en/register.jhtml .

For help in English with Hipihi you can use the Hipihi OverSeas Zone forum, once you’ve registered with Hipihi. Note that the forum software itself is in Chinese.

Another place to go for help in English with Hipihi is http://www.ideashape.cn . Note that the forum software at http://www.ideashape.cn is in English.

There’s also a Hipihi group in facebook.

The downloads from Hipihi have always been slow for me, and they might for you. So – be patient. It’s not like you have to just watch the download screen it’s downloading.

I’m still waiting for the download to complete, so I don’t know exactly what to expect yet.

This is a beta; it’s not the finished product. One can expect to have some rocky riding during a beta.

I’m not sure about the language requirements for this version, or the degree to which the interface is available in English.

So – why not give Hipihi a try?

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QQ registration for English speakers

Now that I have a QQ account created by someone else, I have come across what appears to be an English language QQ registration page.

http://signup.qq.com/ is the url.

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I have a QQ account now!

My QQ id is 823498840.

I would be pleased if some Hipihi and Novoking users would add me to their QQ lists.

I have a partially English version of the QQ messenger installed now.

I have a QQzone page but haven’t figured out how to edit it yet since the page itself is in Chinese.

A Hipihi user set up my QQ account and thus my password is known to someone else. I will have to figure out how to change the password, which might be a bit of a job since the links for the password changing page and the page you change the password on will all be in Chinese.

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UgoTrade » Blog Archive » HiPiHi in Public Beta: Interview With Xu Hui, CEO

A nice article on Hipihi and it’s new CTO.
UgoTrade » Blog Archive » HiPiHi in Public Beta: Interview With Xu Hui, CEO

On the left is the big boss of Hipihi, Xu Hui, CEO of HiPiHi ,and on the right
is Toshitaka Jiku Hipihi’s new CTO and Executive V.P.

Thanks to
Ric Mollor for pointing this article out to me.

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Hipihi 50013.exe mandatory upgrade with new naming system

The Overseas Zone of the Hipihi forums had this important announcement for Hipihi users:

  HiPiHi World New Naming System Public Announcement

And Re-registration notification

HiPiHi World’s Beta test has brought to light a number of problems and limitations regarding the original naming system, and we have also received a lot of valuable feedback to the forum posting “HiPiHi World New Naming System” (19 January 2008).

The naming system is the basis of HiPiHi World’s social and credibility system, as well as every resident’s intangible asset. After compiling opinions and discussions, we have reached a consensus to launch a new naming system in the upcoming public test. Here are the Objective, Principle, and Implementation of this new naming system, please take some time to go through it and feel free to drop us a note on what you think.

HiPiHi World New Naming System: Objective, Principle, Implementation

1) Standardize the naming system
2) Facilitate and promote interactions between global multilingual residents
3) Establish a credibility system related to user names
4) Give the priority of naming right to existing residents

1) The new user name consists of two parts: Username and Nickname. They both have to be unique.
Username is the same idea as “account number”, it may contain characters (a-z), numbers(0-9), symbols (-) and (_);
Nickname is your name in HiPiHi world, it has to be between 6-16 characters, which may contain the language of your local settings (e.g. simplified Chinese), characters (a-z), numbers(0-9), symbols (-) and (_);
Both parts are unique; you login with your Username.
2) You may not change your User ID or Nickname once registration is done.
3) Residents can define the way others’ names are displayed , choose either nickname or username.
4) early resident have the exclusive privilege of using this new naming system ahead of the public-beta.
5) We will try our best to protect all existing residents’ property.
We will provide certain channels for reclaiming in-world assets, should an existing resident fails to re-register within the given time period, and their user name gets registered by someone else.

In order to ensure existing residents’ priority on naming rights, implementation will have the following stages:
a) Apply for “brand name protection campaign for 18 close beta testers” (April 1st 2008—April 17th 2008)
This event is for protecting existing resident’s name brand’s sake. We sincerely hope that those residents who has been caring ,helping, supporting other residents’ can keep their name brand. For more details, please refer to the Apply for close beta tester name brand!
b) Re-registration for existing residents,( April 2nd 2008—April 17th 2008)
Within this time period, existing residents may access the “Change your name” page with their current username and password.
Symbols (like #, *) may no longer be used for the new User ID and Nickname
The new User ID and Nicknames may not be less than 6 Characters
Please make sure you do not use someone else’s existing user name as your new User ID or Nickname.
Resident “John” can change his username to ”John_D”, and the same nickname.
Resident “John_luo” can still use it as his username and nickname.
Resident “*%%Jennis%%” has to change his name to “Jennies”.
c) Open registration for everyone(April 18th 2008)
i. For existing residents who have not completed their re-registration by now, their in-world assets will be kept, however, their user name may be taken by someone else. In-world assets may be recovered with the old user name and password through certain channels.
ii. Once a User ID and a Nickname are registered, in principle, they may not be changed.
iii. The new User ID and Nickname may not contain any symbols other than (-) and (_)。
iv. The new User ID and Nickname may not be less than 6 characters
Names cannot be used as username:wuxu、.wux、wux。
Names can be used as username:wuxuzhiya

Please click on the following link (http://service.hipihi.com/member/oldUserRename/en/oldUserRename.jhtml) to change your  name

Please Note:
1. In the New Naming System,User ID or Nickname of less than 3 Chinese characters or 6 English alphabets will be removed. (E.g. “傻兔” , “Johny”)
2. Existing user names may be taken by new registrants after 18 April 2008, when the registration becomes open to everybody. So to ensure you get to keep your user name, PLEASE go to http://www.hipihi.com anytime bewtween 2 April -17 April 2008 to re-register.

HiPiHi team

from a post at forums.hipihi.com made by happy慧慧(Hi.慧慧)

I had a Google translation of my email about this subject here earlier today.  I’m glad this better version of the news about the name system change appeared in the Hipihi forums.