“Who are the next tech-geek billionaires?” – why, Philip Rosedale, of course.

I find it cruelly amusing that the part of this story about Philip Rosedale perhaps becoming one the next geek billionaires has the phrase “Worst financial decisions of 2010”.  They aren’t connected meaning-wise but they are immediately adjacent physically.

Investopedia: Worst financial decisions of 2010

Philip Rosedale — Linden Lab

San Francisco’s Linden Lab is known for the wildly popular Second Life, which is a virtual reality game that offers users a chance to live a totally different life (or the same, if they choose) from their own. Using a self-designed avatar, residents of Second Life participate in the community by doing activities or socializing, and they can even buy property or trade services.

via Who are the next tech-geek billionaires? – Business – U.S. business – msnbc.com.

I must say the timing of this mention makes me wonder.   Is this an old article that got updated and thus got brought to my  attention, or is there something good going on regarding SL that has escaped  my attention?

Or is The Love Machine expected to take off dramatically?