Libertarian Party | Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government

The Libertarian Party is conflicted on a number of issues, which is to be expected of any political organization that doesn’t have strict ideological purity tests for membership.

One strand of libertarian thought supports non-interventionist military policy,  meaning basically that a nation’s military should never engage in aggression – it should only use force in defense against an attack on the nation’s territory.

Another aspect of many Libertarian’s thoughts on military policy is that wars should be fought only with a declaration of war by Congress, as required by the Constitution.  Adherence to this view would eliminate such things as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think the Libertarian Party should  consistently support  non-interventionist military policy and place greater emphasis in its publicity on it’s support of non-interventionist military policy.  Peace supporters are still voting for Democrats, despite the  fact that that elected Democratic legislators are strong supporters of  U.S. military aggression, just like the Republican Party.  Many Libertarian Party slogans, pamphlets, press releases, etc. mention support for the free market and personal liberties but leave out the third element of the Libertarian triad, military non-interventionism.

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