SL Jira issue: VWR-23594 – Files deleted by uninstallation should appear in the Recycle Bin or equivalent

I created Jira issue VWR-23594 Files deleted by uninstallation should appear in the Recycle Bin or equivalent

As a user I’d like the files deleted by the uninstallation routine to appear in the Recycle Bin or equivalent OS appropriate place.  Currently they don’t appear in the Recycle Bin; they are deleted permanently, barring the use of special undelete utilities.  Having the deleted files appear in the Recycle Bin or equivalent would mitigate the effects of deletion due to user error during the uninstall process or programming error on LL’s part.

SL users, please vote for this issue and encourage others to do the same.  The chat logs it allowed restoring might be your own!


SL Development Viewer uninstall file deletion bypasses recycle bin

If you run the Second Life Development Viewer “Uninstall”, and at the end of the process it says “There are files left in the SL program folder, would you like to delete them?”, it not only deletes the files in the program folder, it also deletes the files in “Application Data” and “Local Settings, which means it deletes your settings, your entire chat history, any files you have in the “Application Data” SL folder for testing UI skins, and so on, but it deletes the files in such a way as to bypass the recycle bin. I do not like it when programs delete files in such a way as to bypass the recycle bin. I have my OS set to put deleted files in the recycle bin for a reason. Programs mistakenly deleting nearly 7 years of chat records is a good example why. The problem with deleting file other than those in the SL program folder might already be fixed, but I’ll wager that the bypassing the recycle bin problem is not.

After seeing that the files were not in the recycle bin, I tried a system restore to yesterday.   That did not restore the deleted files.

There’s no reason for programs to delete files permanently like SL does.

Immigration restrictions, passports, visas, and the like

If there were race, religion,  or sexual orientation based equivalents to passports, visas,  immigration restrictions, and the like, lots of people would be justifiably up in arms about how wrong they are, but since passports, visas, immigration restrictions, and the like base their discrimination on  national origin and national citizenship, people not only don’t oppose them, they insist that they are absolutely necessary and that terrible things would happen if these oppressive and repugnant policies were not enforced.

This suggest to me that most people, deep in their hearts,  think of  people who are  citizens of a nation other than their own as sub-human.

It’s no doubt true that in many cases nation-state based bigotry is based on race  and religion based prejudice, but I think that pure nationality bigotry is a sad and very harmful reality.  Nation-state bigotry is a moral abomination,  the same as racism, religious bigotry, and other such collectivist prejudices,  but nation based discrimination is popular nearly universally.

There are  folks who claim to oppose nation-state bigotry, but few support the measures that a consistent opposition to nation-state bigotry implies,  such as  abolishing immigration restrictions, passports requirements, visas and other similar policies that impair freedom based on national origin or citizenship.

It’s a shame.

Second Life Jira Issue: VWR-675 Ability to do simple math in numeric edit fields

This is an old Jira issue I created: Ability to do simple math in numeric edit fields   VWR-675
Here’s the original description of this issue I wrote back in May of 2007.

It would be useful to be able to do simple math in numeric edit fields.


An object is at postion X = 10.254.

You want to move it by 2.358 meters in the x direction.

Type “+2.358” after “10.254” in the object’s X position field and press enter.

The sum of the two numbers appears in the edit field and the object moves to that postion.

We can do this in the design program I use at work and I use it a lot.

There’s an old patch already written for this, created back in 2008.  Some third party viewers have had this feature for years.

I think this would benefit SL builders more than some of them realize – that is, I think that people who don’t see this as being very important would end up using it and liking it a lot.

This has 28 votes, another two or three hundred votes would be nice.

Second Life Jira Issue: VWR-23464 Property Lines gone mad in Development Viewer 2.2.1

Property Lines gone mad in Development Viewer 2.2.1 (212233)

On my system, “Property Lines” in Development Viewer 2.2.1 (212233) are behaving abnormally. They are not where property lines should be.

These lines do appear and disappear depending on the Show Property Lines setting.

First: I turned on Show Property Lines.

Bug Observed: red lines, not on property boundaries, appear, more than there should be, extending into the air in some cases. 

The post editor is too fancy

There was a time when I found the post editor pretty satisfying – it did what I needed and worked fast enough.

Now it’s too fancy, with too many features I don’t need, and most importantly, takes too long to load its fancy features and makes me go through too many screens and dialogs and such to be much fun to use.

Second Life Jira Issue: VWR-6852 – Render Axes renders at the Sim corner

I’ve been waiting for this issue to get fixed for years now.  I use the axes.

Description:  Choosing Advanced>Render>Axes renders the x, y, and z aves at the sim corner and places a solid white bar running vertically through the avatars. Picture is attached

Axes Bug

Axes in wrong place