#SL Jira: keep a searchable list of previously used display names to chose from #SecondLife

Ceera Murakami proposed a nice idea: Keep a publicly searchable list of display names for a user to choose from – the user can change names easily, and others can find them by searching for one of the names in the list.

Amplify’d from jira.secondlife.com

Display Names: Retain a queue of previously used Display Names that the resident can switch between, and which remain visible in their Profile

Make the Resident’s Profile display an “AKA list”, located on the Profile tab, between their in-world info and their real life info, and showing the last 10 Display Names that the Resident has used.

Those ten names could be switched between at will by the resident for use as Display Names, with no fee, but new names could only be added to the list once per week (with or without a fee, or a requirement to be Premium, or other restrictions). That list would be searchable data, so even if the resident wasn’t displaying “Trevor Bloodmoon the Werewolf” as their current display name, you could still find them in Search by that inactive but occasionally used display name.

Read more at jira.secondlife.com



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