Second Life Viewer 2: I don’t want to see the chat toasts and flashing number of messages indicator

So long as Second Life Viewer 2  has the constant flickering, popping up and down, moving left to right  chat toasts,  and the flashing number of messages indicator, I will not be able to stand using it at all, just testing it for a minute or two.

I have been in SL for over 6 years, and I have never once wanted to know how many messages I have unread or pending or whatever that numbers means, and I am quite sure I will never want to know that.

I’d like to see the incoming chat, especially the local chat, displayed like it was for years,  in the manner that was called “console chat”; scrolling smoothly up the screen, staying in the same place on the screen, with the option to not have a background tint added, so you have the chat displayed with the minimum possible obscuring of the 3D environment and nothing flashing, popping up, etc.


2 Responses to “Second Life Viewer 2: I don’t want to see the chat toasts and flashing number of messages indicator”

  1. Osprey Says:

    Are you using the IM tabs setting (Prefs)? That’s my prefered way in this viewer. I don’t like the big, opaque panes either 😦 When I’m doing… well, anything, my screen is almost entirely obscured – like the UI is all-important in itself and not just a way to get to SL.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneC Baskerville) Says:

    So far I’ve mostly had so much problem with the Media_Plugin_Webkit error that I have not really been able to use any Viewer 2, or any Snowglobe viewer that uses Webkit.

    A day or two ago I uninstalled Flash and Quicktime, but despite Adobe’s Flash uninstaller claiming to have uninstalled Flash, Flash was still installed.

    I did a file search for instances of the Flash dll in the program files folder, and found a number of them.

    I changed the extension of the likely candidates from dll to dll-old, and then Flash was really uninstalled.

    I tried Viewer 2 and it did not have the plugin error. Then I reinstalled Flash and Quicktime and Viewer 2 continued to work (in it’s fashion).

    I’ve uninstalled it, thus deleting the settings.xml file, so many times, that it wouldn’t really be true to say that I use the IMs in tabs settings – I would, but I haven’t usually got to the point of setting preferences before the plugin error would appear.

    I would really like my preferences to be saved on LL’s end of things. I get tired of seeing those n00b warnings every time my settings get reset.

    I copied a bunch of old SL program folders to an archive, and finally, after many years, uninstalled all my old versions of SL, which I’d kept around because I’m a packrat or perhaps a digital hoarder, and I like seeing the old versions for sentimental value. I still have Stagecoach Island installed!

    I also uninstalled and manually deleted the remnants of Emerald, Cool Viewer, etc. in the hopes of perhaps getting things to work better by not having old junk around.

    I really don’t like the sidebar covering up part of the bottom bar. Thank goodness no other program I’ve ever seen has an interface as annoying as Second Life Viewer 2.

    The color choices for normal text, highlighted text, and grayed out menu options are so bad that earlier tonight while trying Second Life Development viewer I started considering the possibility that Linden Lab employees have different sensors in their eyes than the normal rods and cones – possibly toruses and rings, perhaps, that respond to light differently that the part of humanity I’m familiar with.

    I’d like to see the build editor made into something that can dock on the side and have the world view cut off by that much, like the sidebar does by default. Then I could just leave the build editor up, if I ever actually built anything anymore, and it wouldn’t block my view.

    I was trying to look at my feet the other day and the chat toasts moved into the middle of the screen, blocking my view of my feet.

    I don’t recall the sidebar covering the bottom bar in all versions of Viewer 2. Did I just forget?

    I will be glad when Emerald and Imprudence incorporate the good features of V2, assuming they retain the old style UI for console chat, group chat, no modal sidebar, etc.

    I really looked forward to Viewer 2 prior to its appearance. It’s really disappointing that LL’s attempt to make things better made them so less satisfying to me.

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