Farewell to forums.secondlife.com

I’ve spent many hours – many thousands of hours – logged in to the vBulletin forum at forums.secondlife.com.  It’s closing sometime tomorrow.

I’m sure that whatever replaces it won’t feel the same.   It’s over a tenth of my life that I’ve been logging in to SL and forums.secondlife.com.  It might be kind of silly, but it hurts to see it go.

2 Responses to “Farewell to forums.secondlife.com”

  1. Lewis Moten (inSL: Dedric Mauriac) Says:

    It’s going to be running on the same platform as the blogs are now. I’ve used the JIVE platform before and there really isn’t much difference. You’ll probably notice that the integration with the blogs will be much better.

  2. What are people saying? – « SLookable Says:

    […] To Connect u2013 SuezanneC …: I’ve spent many hours u2013 many thousands of h… http://bit.ly/9w1rNrInteresting #secondlife […]

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