Last day of the Second Life Mentor group

Today is scheduled to be the last day of the Second Life Linden Lab operated volunteer groups, the Second Life Mentor group, Second Life Mentor Q&A, and the Instructor group.

I’ve been in the Mentor group for years.  It’s kind of sad to see the groups go.

I’ve had a lot of fun explaining how to get a box off your head and telling people that they need to update their video drivers or perhaps downdate their video drivers and other such things.

There’s a new plan in place for Linden Lab to interface with resident run help groups.  There’s a bit about it at this blog post: .

Best wishes to my fellow soon to ex official SL volunteers and to the staff who’ve dealt with us over the years.


3 Responses to “Last day of the Second Life Mentor group”

  1. Bloodfang Clawtooth Says:

    Sorry to see the groups go too. We could always use another hand down at NCI.

  2. JayR Cela Says:

    This is typical conduct for a company whose main concept is to use people willing to believe in their smile in your face ( then stab you in the back ) attitude. Volunteerism can be a very rewarding activity when working with a true open source project (aka* Open Sim Project ) What you may have failed to realize is that LL & SL is only semi open source, as in the client viewer code, and people in the past Nicholaz Beresford and currently the Emerald team and the people involved with the Imprudence SL client viewer, have consistently kicked the 100 or so paid LL programmers butt down the alley and back on not only fixing long standing problems with the official LL SL client, but have also managed to add numerous long asked for enhancements as well. My advice to all would be volunteers, If LL is not willing to compensate you for your time and efforts, “Don’t Lift a Finger for Them” ( unless it is your middle finger :_) and move your talents and expertise to a truly worth wile Open Source project, such as the numerous Open Sim platforms available.

  3. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    It would be interesting to see how OpenSim and OpenGrid would do with thousands of simulators running in the grid with seventy thousand people online at once.

    I don’t feel that I’ve been stabbed in the back. I wish Linden Lab the best of luck with there new scheme for handing volunteer groups, and I hope that Second Life Answers helps get people the info they need promptly.

    I hope that the OpenSim OpenGrid community thrives.

    For that matter, I’d like to see a resurgence of interest in and new technology from Active Worlds.

    Heck, I’m still hoping to see the “Word Chat” version 2 or whatever they call it that’s been promised on their web site for years.

    I’m a virtual world enthusiast. I want them all to succeed.

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