BiDi Screen from MIT Media Lab (Bidirectional Screen)

I love seeing advancements in controller technology. Shortly before seeing this video I’d made a post in friendfeed asking about grids of lens. This grid of light sensors is loosely related to what I was thinking of when I asked that question.

Last day of the Second Life Mentor group

Today is scheduled to be the last day of the Second Life Linden Lab operated volunteer groups, the Second Life Mentor group, Second Life Mentor Q&A, and the Instructor group.

I’ve been in the Mentor group for years.  It’s kind of sad to see the groups go.

I’ve had a lot of fun explaining how to get a box off your head and telling people that they need to update their video drivers or perhaps downdate their video drivers and other such things.

There’s a new plan in place for Linden Lab to interface with resident run help groups.  There’s a bit about it at this blog post: .

Best wishes to my fellow soon to ex official SL volunteers and to the staff who’ve dealt with us over the years.