Novoking crash with d3dref9.dll message

I can now run the disco part of Novoking fine, but when I try to run the regular virtual world part of Novoking, the application hangs, around 10 per cent on the progress bar, and after a lengthy pause, I may get the error message shown in the picture below.

Novoking has worked properly up till the last week or so. I’ve not changed the computer hardware.

“d3dref9.dll” is a directx dll that is supposed to provide a software emulation of a 3D graphics processor for use in debugging.

I can’t read the error message, aside from the d3dref9.dll, and I can’t copy and paste the text to translate it.

I’ve spent hours now reading about d3dref9, and I can’t figure out why I should get this message or what to do about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. novoking-error-message-trying-to-launch-main-novoking-world


One Response to “Novoking crash with d3dref9.dll message”

  1. Lance Says:

    It says that “the required d3dref9.dll file is missing, please reinstall the latest version of Direct X”.

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