Novoking crash with d3dref9.dll message

I can now run the disco part of Novoking fine, but when I try to run the regular virtual world part of Novoking, the application hangs, around 10 per cent on the progress bar, and after a lengthy pause, I may get the error message shown in the picture below.

Novoking has worked properly up till the last week or so. I’ve not changed the computer hardware.

“d3dref9.dll” is a directx dll that is supposed to provide a software emulation of a 3D graphics processor for use in debugging.

I can’t read the error message, aside from the d3dref9.dll, and I can’t copy and paste the text to translate it.

I’ve spent hours now reading about d3dref9, and I can’t figure out why I should get this message or what to do about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. novoking-error-message-trying-to-launch-main-novoking-world


How to run multiple acccounts at once in Second Life®

The question of how to run multiple instances of the Second Life® viewer appears many times in the SL forums.  Here’s a way to do it that is apparently not well known.

With a current SL browser, you can set an option in the Advanced, Debug Settings dialog to allow you to run multiple avatars at the same time on one machine.   The option is called “AllowMultipleViewers” .  Set the value of “Allow Multiple Viewers” to  TRUE. Once you set this value, exit Second Life.  You should now be able to run  Second Life with one account, and then start the program again and run a different account while the first instance of the program is still running.

This eliminates the need to mess around with your Second Life shortcut.