Novoking – I can fly again!

For months now I had been unable to fly in the Novoking virtual world owing to a change in the Novoking system.  When I first joined Novoking everyone could fly from the moment they first joined.   One of the new versions introduced a change to the system requiring users to “level up”, to complete some tasks of some sort, in order to level up and become able to fly.  There might be other things that “leveling up” involves, but if so I don’t know what they might be because I don’t read Chinese. 

That’s why I couldn’t level up, I don’t read Chinese, so the onscreen instructions in-world about how to perform the leveling up requirements weren’t useful to me. 

I moaned and groaned about this in the Novoking forums, and on my blog, and asked about it in the Facebook Novoking group, and in the Hipihi forums, and in LinkedIn, and other places I can’t keep track of. 

Not being able to fly in a virtual world, after over 5 years of flying in Second Life, makes being in the world seem like being in a closet or a car trunk or a coffin. 

Last night I logged in to Novoking and to my surprise my complaining and asking and begging must have been heard because I can fly again!

I assume that somene on the Novoking staff heard my tale of woe and manually leveled me up or toggle the Fly-NoFly bit or some such.  Thanks, Novoking! 

Anyone interested in virtual worlds who can read Chinese, or who is willing to make the effort needed to deal with an interface in a language they can make neither heads nor tails of should give Novoking a try. 

The url is, as one might expect.  The site is in Chinese, but there is an English option, although the English version is out of date. 

Novoking allows users to import builds from 3D modeling programs like 3D StudioMax and Maya. 

I’ve saw moving objects in Novoking today, an airplane moving and a bow and arrow with a string that moves when the arrow launches.  The arrows passed through my avatar, but once they stuck in the target they became physical again. 

Novoking is a good looking virtual world; it has “reflections”, which I think are baked in at the time of object creation, and which if done with good judgement on the builder’s part, are quite a nice effect.