SL Jira issue: Http 403 FORBIDDEN response when posting to forums

SL users, please consider voting for the following issue in the SL bug tracking system.

The problem is that certain cominations of word used in posts cause the  post to fail with a message about “403 Forbidden”.

The url for the issue is

The title is “Http 403 FORBIDDEN response when posting to forums”.

The description is:

If you create or reply to a forum post and use the word “select” followed (even several sentences latter) by the word “from”, then you get a 403 Forbidden message. Someone has an over restrictive keyword scanner at work. Same failure using IExplorer, Firefox, Opera & Google Chrome. May be other keywords that are throwing errors.


Possibly related to ?

Second Life bug: VWR-3947 – Ugly font rendering in menu bar after upgrading to ATI drivers 7.12

A  bug report was filled in the Second Life issue tracking system back in 21/Dec/07  and has yet to be fixed.

The problem is distorted text in some systems using ATI graphics card with Catalyst versions 7.12 and above.

Please, if you are a Second Life user, vote for this issue so it gets some attention.  I want to upgrade my video drivers and still have clear text.

The url for this issue is .