In search of uWorld info in English

I have just sent an email to as follows:


I am in search of help information for uWorld in English.

I am also seeking a person, a contact, who can answer questions about the installation and use of the uWorld virtual world in English.

I don’t speak or read Chinese.  I know of several other people interested in uWorld who don’t speak Chinese who are also interested in English language information about how to register on the uwo3d web site and how to install uWorld and how to use the program, which is quite hard for those who don’t speak Chinese.

Possibly you might want to send a similar email if you are wanting to find out about uWorld.

There is a facebook uWorld group, which I have just joined.

If there are any bilingual Chinese-English speakers interested in uWorld who can help us English only people get the new version of uWorld installed on our non-Chinese-localized Windows and Vista systems please contact me.

If anyone has any further ideas on how to find uWorld information please reply.  Thanks.

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One Response to “In search of uWorld info in English”

  1. Farnham Farrjones Says:

    Thanks – just sent in my 2 cents…

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