What does this Novoking virtual world Chinese text say?

The latest version of the Novoking virtual world has an astonishingly annoying information box appear with incredible frequency.

This is one of the things it keeps saying over and over.

Could anyone tell me what it says?


3 Responses to “What does this Novoking virtual world Chinese text say?”

  1. Lance Says:

    Hi,there. I read about your posts at Hipini Overseas Forum. Interesting. 😛 It seems that your are the only person posting English there. I wonder it must be tough diving into a world of unknown. Yet you seem very interested in Chinese 3D Virtual Communities.
    Hope I’ll be some assitance here.
    The system was trying to tell you: 1, Novo币(If that is your character name)You have been connected for more than 10 minutes. (I don’t know what does mean. Is there any knid of time limitation there?)2. Fly Function is only available for character above level 2. You current level does not meet the requirements and yet unable to use the Fly Function.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I’m not sure why it would be telling me how long I was logged in.

    In order to fly you have to complete some kind of quest, a sort of leveling up or something. Not the sort of thing I would expect in a virtual world, more what I would expect in a game.

    I can’t read the instructions for what to do in order to advance a level, and I can’t find them in a form I can copy and past into a translation service, so this is a major bad step on Novoking’s part so far as I’m concerned.

  3. SuezanneC Baskeville Says:

    Hey Lance, or anyone else reading this, do you by any chance know what to do to increase your level so as to be able to fly?

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