Would you help me compile the Second Life viewer?

Unpaid Help Wanted: As of this instant, I’m going to try to compile the Second Life viewer for the first time. I don’t know if my attention span, interest level, etc. is up to this task. It would be a lot easier, as well as a lot more fun, to do this with some realtime help: If anyone is willing to offer realtime answers to questions on this subject please contact me. Thanks.

I have found one source of realtime help with this task, at the opensl IRC channel.  However, the more help the merrier.

I have always use totally integrated development environments like Delphi in my programming dabbling in the past and thus have no experience with make files, command line compiling,  fixing up hundreds of problems in the source due to version incompatibilities, etc.

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6 Responses to “Would you help me compile the Second Life viewer?”

  1. Nathan Says:

    for what reason do you want to compile the viewer on your own?

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    When I was younger I greaty enjoyed dabbling with computer programming.

    Lately I brought up a possible change in the viewer in the SL forums. I suggested that the changes would not be much of a challenge to a skilled programmer. One unhelpful smartass offered a link to the Second Life wiki’s page on compiling the viewer and the suggestion to do it myself. So there’s an element of personal challenge involved.

    If I could get through the initial compile, then I might be able to make a tiny change to the code.

    I don’t do C++ programming, but even given that I might still be able to make some minor change, which I would find fun.

    There’s all sorts of changes I’d like to see in the viewer.

    The changes I mentioned in the thread in the forums concerned being able to change the units used in the build editor from meters to inches, and being able to do some simple arithmetic on some of the build editor fields such as position, location, and size.

    I don’t think in metric. I have spent 18 years in a field where enter sizes of things into a design program in inches. I”d like to be able to enter sizes of objects in Second Life inches. I suspect this would be a popular change.

    The discussion in the forum was of course mostly a bunch of stupid unrewarding comments that made no sense, such as metric system bigots acting like I’d suggested called for the world wide abolition of the metric system, people suggesting that I have a learning disability if I ever want to use the units I’m comfortable and familiar with instead of the units they are comfortable and familiar with, moronic comments about why not use units such as furlongs and hogsheads, and the like.

    I suppose one might say I don’t precisely want to compile the viewer on my own. I want to compile the viewer with some help.

    I’ve got Visual C++ installed, and I’ve got Cygwin installed. I had done that long ago, before the subject came up again in response to my post at forums.secondlife.com. I’m not sure that I’ve got flex, bison, and patchutils installed properlyinstalled properly with Cygwin. They seem to be there, but I remember many months ago having trouble finding the options to install them.

    I have lately installed CMake. Active Python is at the moment asking me what folder to install it in. I’m not sure where it should go.

    Time to go to work.

  3. lou Says:

    I realize that this is an old entry but I’m attempting to complie the viewer for the first time too.

    There is a lot to learn and the more of this stuff one can do all the better.

    Funny thing about open source is that not everybody is all that open about it – kind of cliquey or something. Anyway back to figuring out this stuff.


  4. Yiannis Says:

    Hi, old thread but the issue is the same…
    I need to compile the viewer to play with some of the mouse functions in order to identify objects in the life at specific geometric 2 points.This is for my MSc Thesis which am trying to integrate an eye tracker with SL.

    However i am really finding hard time to compile it…tried to followed the SL’s step bby step but not so simple… I am doing it on Windows and its not so easy! I have a Mac too, so it might simpler there, atleast the steps shown in SL documentation seem less and simpler for Mac.

    Anyhow any advice on it would be really appreciated.

  5. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneC Baskerville) Says:

    You might do better asking in the Second Life forums than here. I don’t think too many folks are reading my blog anymore. There’s a forum where it would make sense to ask, the Open Source forum, and a few others as well. I never managed to get it compiled.

    One might also ask for help at sites or inworld groups related to third party viewers such as Emerald or Imprudence.

    Hmm, I just found a page in the SL wiki that has some info about developer communications tools that might be useful:


    If you get it compile let me know, maybe you could help me.

  6. Alexie Birman Says:

    Steps to Compile Phoenix Viewer:


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