Are the Hipihi forums broken?

I can’t start new threads in the forums at

I’ve tested this in Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Opera 9.5, Flock, and several other browsers.

I believe there’s a problem with FckEdit.

Could some please try to post in the Overseas Zone forum at and let me know what the result is? Thanks.


What does this Novoking virtual world Chinese text say?

The latest version of the Novoking virtual world has an astonishingly annoying information box appear with incredible frequency.

This is one of the things it keeps saying over and over.

Could anyone tell me what it says?

Would you help me compile the Second Life viewer?

Unpaid Help Wanted: As of this instant, I’m going to try to compile the Second Life viewer for the first time. I don’t know if my attention span, interest level, etc. is up to this task. It would be a lot easier, as well as a lot more fun, to do this with some realtime help: If anyone is willing to offer realtime answers to questions on this subject please contact me. Thanks.

I have found one source of realtime help with this task, at the opensl IRC channel.  However, the more help the merrier.

I have always use totally integrated development environments like Delphi in my programming dabbling in the past and thus have no experience with make files, command line compiling,  fixing up hundreds of problems in the source due to version incompatibilities, etc.

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Why do I see this WordPress comment spam?

I get a lot of spam in the comments on this WordPress blog. Most of it is handled well by the spam filter. I don’t get an email about them. They just get labeled as spam and I never see them unless I check the spam comments of my own accord.

New comment on your post #116 “Hipihi forum for non-Chinese speaking users”
Author : Time After music (IP: ,
E-mail : dixhaly at@at
URL : http://crackdowddef dot hotbox dot ru/e511a4/Time-After-music.html
Whois :
pqhwmn nhwaou eqju

There are however comments like the above that I get advised about and asked to moderate. I don’t see what there is about these comments that keeps them from being dealt with like the vast bulk of the spam.

Anyone have any ideas?

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