Comcast buys Plaxo – are you thinking “Time to cancel Plaxo”?

The social networking site Plaxo has been acquired by Comcast.

My immediate response is to think “I guess I will cancel my Plaxo account.”

I’ve had nothing but bad thoughts since the monopoly internet privileges here changed hands from RoadRunner to Comcast. RoadRunnner did a find job of providing internet service; Comcast immediately started sucking, including lots of downtime, worthless customer service, and charging you for a service call if their technicians aren’t swift enough to confirm the problem is Comcast’s fault.

Lately there’s been Comcast’s deliberate screwing up of people’s internet service if they use P2P program.

Being reminded of Comcast when I see the name Plaxo doesn’t exactly put me in a social mood.

So I’m sad to read that Plaxo was purchased by Comcast.

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3 Responses to “Comcast buys Plaxo – are you thinking “Time to cancel Plaxo”?”

  1. Richard Jackson Says:

    Yeah I was devastated when comcast to over roadrunner…I cant say that roadrunner was the best but it was alot better because atleast my limewire worked..hehehe could you explain what this plaxo sound very happy to be apart of it but i have never heard of it..could you tell me a little more. thanks richie

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I join lots of things. Lots of social network things.

    Plaxo (Plaxo Pulse, to be more precise) is a sort of social network aggregator, I suppose you might say.

  3. cxoadvisor Says:

    Everytime I log into PLAXO I get “The website cannot display the page”. I can get into my profile and my outlook database still sinks. Other than that I’m SOL. Plaxo tech support has been no help. They are clueless and are now totally unresponsive. I’ve given up on the service and focus on Linkedin and Facebook now.

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