Novoking version 0.94

Here’s the Google translation of an email I just got from the Novoking virtual world:

Dear Novoking residents, Hello:

Here we are very pleased to tell you that we Novoking new version of the client (0.94 Beta version) 5
8 on the line. This is a quarter since the latest development results, based on the original version of I
To increase the number of new content. From now on you can download the new version of Novoking0.94Beta
Client, a completely new experience Novoking virtual world!

Compared with the past, we have done a great new version of the update, the main changes are:
1, the user interface an entirely new look, more stylish cooler;
2, music is everywhere, in all corners of the world you can hear the latest and most popular music;
3, we have done a re-designed ballroom, a cooler atmosphere High;

And our social system, the honor system, the task system, economic system also have an on-line content, with
You start with colorful virtual life……

There are many wonderful design (see), you need to experience that!
Come on, you are welcome to enter a new Novoking virtual world!

So if you haven’t tried Novoking for a while, or at all, this might be a good time to give it a try.

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