Sue Fisher: Might You Open Source “The Font Thing”?

I’ve used Sue Fisher’s excellent font viewer for years at work.  It served my purposes better than Bitstream Navigator or Adobe Type Manager.

There’s a deficiency, though; it’s out of date. It doesn’t do OpenType or Postscript fonts, etc.

I’d love to see this excellent program’s source code made available as open source code so the world’s  programmers can start with the best font viewer and update it.

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My daughter is about to have a baby.

My older daughter is about to have a baby.  She’s in the hospital.  She doesn’t seem to be progressing rapidly, so I’ve come back home to get some sleep before returning to the hospital tomorrow.

Most Recently Used Programs list in Win XP Classic Start Menu?

I don’t care too much for the standard Windows XP look and behavior, so I switch to Windows Classic for the appearance, start menu, search, etc.

The only useful function I noticed lacking is the list of most recently used programs that appears when you use the Start button.

I am unable to find a way to get this MRUP list to appear in the Windows Classic Start menu.

If anyone knows of a way to do that, whether by some sneaky Windows setting, or a freeware utility that accomplishes the same function, I’d be pleased to hear about it.

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Comcast buys Plaxo – are you thinking “Time to cancel Plaxo”?

The social networking site Plaxo has been acquired by Comcast.

My immediate response is to think “I guess I will cancel my Plaxo account.”

I’ve had nothing but bad thoughts since the monopoly internet privileges here changed hands from RoadRunner to Comcast. RoadRunnner did a find job of providing internet service; Comcast immediately started sucking, including lots of downtime, worthless customer service, and charging you for a service call if their technicians aren’t swift enough to confirm the problem is Comcast’s fault.

Lately there’s been Comcast’s deliberate screwing up of people’s internet service if they use P2P program.

Being reminded of Comcast when I see the name Plaxo doesn’t exactly put me in a social mood.

So I’m sad to read that Plaxo was purchased by Comcast.

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Where does this picture come from, and how do I change it?

Where does this little alien guy’s picture come from, and how do I change it?

I see it showing as my icon.

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Novoking .94 – no more flying or just a change of controls?

Is there really no more flying in Novoking version .94 , or just a change of controls?

If there was a English translation of the help files I suppose I might not be asking this here. is the place to go the check out this virtual world.

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Hipihi and Novoking – why not normal resizable windows?

Both Novoking and Hipihi don’t have resizable windows that you can maximize and have them fill the screen minus the taskbar area. (Like the browser you are reading this in does.)

In both Hipiihi and Novoking you can make it full screen or not, when not, it doesn’t fill the screen, and doesn’t fill the screen minus the taskbar.

So with both programs, you can accidentally hit the area outside of the virtual world’s window, like some annoying add on the browser, or accidentally hit the close window X on the program behind the virtual world window.

These two programs are the only programs I use that have this flaw.

In my decades of computer use I have never once wanted a program to work like these programs do regarding the size of the program window.

It’s annoying.

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