Mashable: keep track of the invites I’ve accepted and signed up with.

I sign up with a lot sites using the Mashable invites page.

It would be really nice if mashable had a page that would keep automatically keep track of what I’ve signed up with through their invite service.

When you get an invitation using the mashable site, you also get an email requesting confirmation which has link that takes you to a confirmation page.

The confirmation page could have added to it a “Have you signed up?  Yes/No” and a “Add to Invites Signed Up List? Yes/No”.

If you say yes to add to the list then it would have a place to fill in the username you used and other useful info. 

If this list would serve as an automatic login page that would be really great.

The list could be public or private, with the public page showing only appropriate fields. ma

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