Does uWorld run with English Windows?

I registered at and downloaded the program.

The installation program stops with an error message immediately after starting.

I’m think maybe uWorld only runs on Chinese Windows systems.

Anyone know if that is true or not?

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5 Responses to “Does uWorld run with English Windows?”

  1. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Yes! not too long after posting this I got my authorization code from and instructions on where to enter it on the too me quite challenging Chinese language website.

    The installation had already gone perfectly, but running it instantly failed.

    Once having entered the authorization code on the website, the next run worked fine.

  2. barryeverett Says:

    Downloading 1.20 now. Since the ideashape website is down “due to the earthquake”, do you have the instructions for setting the English Language config for uWorld? Thanks

  3. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I don’t have the instructions for uWorld installation and configuration. had the instructions for registering and setting up the software.

    Hmm, i just ran the installation again, and now my other monitor has gone beserk. I suppose it’s possible that the dual monitor configuration is messing uWorld up.

    Contact Jolly Heron (Second Life avatar name), who I think is the person behind the site, and see if they can help with uWorld.

    I believe it’s time to reboot my computer.

  4. Farnham Farrjones Says:

    Thanks, been playing around in 1.20 even without the English. Like a Stranger in a Strange Land, lol. I’ll look up Jolly Heron.

  5. SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

    Congratulations Farnham.

    Can you offer any information on how to get 1.20 to work?

    Do you have to do anything new on the web site in order to get 1.20 to work beyond downloading it if you had 1.16 working?

    Are you using XP or Vista?

    Any advice on any needed region, locale, or language configuration?

    Are the shortcuts you are using to start the program with in English (“uWorld”) or in Chinese?

    I and several other folks get one step beyond the login screen and then nothing else happens.

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