I have a QQ account now!

My QQ id is 823498840.

I would be pleased if some Hipihi and Novoking users would add me to their QQ lists.

I have a partially English version of the QQ messenger installed now.

I have a QQzone page but haven’t figured out how to edit it yet since the page itself is in Chinese.

A Hipihi user set up my QQ account and thus my password is known to someone else. I will have to figure out how to change the password, which might be a bit of a job since the links for the password changing page and the page you change the password on will all be in Chinese.

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2 Responses to “I have a QQ account now!”

  1. mark Says:

    where do you get the english version?

  2. SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

    Someone created an account for me. I still don’t know how to change the password. After this occurred I found that there is an English registration page at at http://signup.qq.com/.

    I don’t recall where I got the English modified QQ client from, but there is one available at http://www.lawyerment.com.my/downloads/Internet/Chatting_and_IRC/Review_8595_index.htm

    You can just do a web search for QQ english signup to find the signup page. or qq english download, to find that and other links to english clients.

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