Hipihi 50013.exe mandatory upgrade with new naming system

The Overseas Zone of the Hipihi forums had this important announcement for Hipihi users:

  HiPiHi World New Naming System Public Announcement

And Re-registration notification

HiPiHi World’s Beta test has brought to light a number of problems and limitations regarding the original naming system, and we have also received a lot of valuable feedback to the forum posting “HiPiHi World New Naming System” (19 January 2008).

The naming system is the basis of HiPiHi World’s social and credibility system, as well as every resident’s intangible asset. After compiling opinions and discussions, we have reached a consensus to launch a new naming system in the upcoming public test. Here are the Objective, Principle, and Implementation of this new naming system, please take some time to go through it and feel free to drop us a note on what you think.

HiPiHi World New Naming System: Objective, Principle, Implementation

1) Standardize the naming system
2) Facilitate and promote interactions between global multilingual residents
3) Establish a credibility system related to user names
4) Give the priority of naming right to existing residents

1) The new user name consists of two parts: Username and Nickname. They both have to be unique.
Username is the same idea as “account number”, it may contain characters (a-z), numbers(0-9), symbols (-) and (_);
Nickname is your name in HiPiHi world, it has to be between 6-16 characters, which may contain the language of your local settings (e.g. simplified Chinese), characters (a-z), numbers(0-9), symbols (-) and (_);
Both parts are unique; you login with your Username.
2) You may not change your User ID or Nickname once registration is done.
3) Residents can define the way others’ names are displayed , choose either nickname or username.
4) early resident have the exclusive privilege of using this new naming system ahead of the public-beta.
5) We will try our best to protect all existing residents’ property.
We will provide certain channels for reclaiming in-world assets, should an existing resident fails to re-register within the given time period, and their user name gets registered by someone else.

In order to ensure existing residents’ priority on naming rights, implementation will have the following stages:
a) Apply for “brand name protection campaign for 18 close beta testers” (April 1st 2008—April 17th 2008)
This event is for protecting existing resident’s name brand’s sake. We sincerely hope that those residents who has been caring ,helping, supporting other residents’ can keep their name brand. For more details, please refer to the Apply for close beta tester name brand!
b) Re-registration for existing residents,( April 2nd 2008—April 17th 2008)
Within this time period, existing residents may access the “Change your name” page with their current username and password.
Symbols (like #, *) may no longer be used for the new User ID and Nickname
The new User ID and Nicknames may not be less than 6 Characters
Please make sure you do not use someone else’s existing user name as your new User ID or Nickname.
Resident “John” can change his username to ”John_D”, and the same nickname.
Resident “John_luo” can still use it as his username and nickname.
Resident “*%%Jennis%%” has to change his name to “Jennies”.
c) Open registration for everyone(April 18th 2008)
i. For existing residents who have not completed their re-registration by now, their in-world assets will be kept, however, their user name may be taken by someone else. In-world assets may be recovered with the old user name and password through certain channels.
ii. Once a User ID and a Nickname are registered, in principle, they may not be changed.
iii. The new User ID and Nickname may not contain any symbols other than (-) and (_)。
iv. The new User ID and Nickname may not be less than 6 characters
Names cannot be used as username:wuxu、.wux、wux。
Names can be used as username:wuxuzhiya

Please click on the following link (http://service.hipihi.com/member/oldUserRename/en/oldUserRename.jhtml) to change your  name

Please Note:
1. In the New Naming System,User ID or Nickname of less than 3 Chinese characters or 6 English alphabets will be removed. (E.g. “傻兔” , “Johny”)
2. Existing user names may be taken by new registrants after 18 April 2008, when the registration becomes open to everybody. So to ensure you get to keep your user name, PLEASE go to http://www.hipihi.com anytime bewtween 2 April -17 April 2008 to re-register.

HiPiHi team

from a post at forums.hipihi.com made by happy慧慧(Hi.慧慧)

I had a Google translation of my email about this subject here earlier today.  I’m glad this better version of the news about the name system change appeared in the Hipihi forums.



4 Responses to “Hipihi 50013.exe mandatory upgrade with new naming system”

  1. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I just went through the re-registration process.

    I did not get to change my username because my existing username of SuezanneCB is a valid name in the new system.

    I was not able to use the nickname that I would prefer, namely “Sue”, because the nickname has to be 6 characters or more. I went with Suezanne. That will be my display name floating over my avatar head. With the CB at the end, some of the Chinese folks would call me CB, based on their naming system. The CB is the intitials of Clarissa and Baskerville.

    I personally think a proper system of avatar names needs to have first middle and last names, and an honorific like Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. etc., a numeric distinguisher to allow for multiple indentical names, and a suffix for things like Jr and Sr. and such, similar to how some cultures deal with duplicated names in the real world. Further, avatars that are used for people in their capacity as members of real world organizations need to have a field for the name of the real world organization and the title in the real world organization and their real world honorific and suffixes. Avatars also need to have a verified real world name field for those who want this to be made public.

    Not all of that would appear in your avatar’s hovertext.

    Real world identity info needs to appear in fields that are under the control of the virtual world provider, not directly editable by the user.

    Well I guess my thoughts on avatar naming aren’t relevant to the actual topic at hand, which is the Hipihi name system change.

    Now to see if my buildings are still vanished or if they returned.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Hooray! My buildings are back!

    They aren’t very good buildings, and I may well delete them, but when they go I want it to be on purpose.

    I’ve already deleted some of the junk I had out, it was junk. I suppose I ought to try to make something worthwhile, but it takes work and imagination.

  3. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    There’s a new toolbar at the bottom, it has icons instead of words.

    Presumably this is an attempt to deal with a multi-cultural userbase.

    I have found that attempts to replace words with symbols don’t always work. On a coffee pot at work, there is an on-off switch with one position that is an empty hollow circle and the other position is a circle with a dot in it. I can’t tell which is off and which is on. To know for sure I put my hand on the side of the pot and wait a minute. If my hand feels no warmth and I don’t hear anything then it’s off. This is not good labeling.

    The new Hipihi toolbar had a word balloon, a person running, two people, one behind the other, a hammer or tomahawk, and box, a word globe, a person, a magnifiying glass, a camera, some gears, and something annoying like a coffeepot’s on-off switch, or a timer, a circle with a line that starts at the center of the circle sticking up and a bit out of the circle.

    There is popup help for the icons. At present the popup help is in Chinese. There may be a way to change that.

    The selected icon changes to a somewhat ugly color to indicate it is selected, a greenish color. I would prefer a blue highlight.

    My terrain has come in showing gray, based on prior versions, that means I need to go to the config menu and tell it that my card is the lowest quality card instead of the middle quality card. Then it won’t try to apply so many effects to the terrain and I will see the terrain as best as my weak video card will display. My ATI x800 was pretty hot stuff in it’s day for an office computer – far better graphics than someone at work had any excuse for using. It was adequate for me at home a few years ago when I got it. However, with the Windlight version of Second Life coming up, and Hipihi’s video requirements, and perhaps uWorld when it arrives, and who knows what other sorts of 3D worlds I’ll be looking at in the future, it’s certainly time for me to upgrade. I guess I should be thrifty and do the “more memory, better card, for my better machine, and then start picking out its replacement. This one I’m blogging on could go to the kitchen or something like that.

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