How do I install the Synergy keyboard sharing program on Hardy Heron Linux?

I just installed Hardy Heron, Ubuntu’s new version of Linux, on one of my computers.

This computer has the keyboard and mouse.  I need to install the Synergy keyboard and mouse sharing program on this machine.

I have never used Linux before.  I don’t know how to install a program of any kind in any way on Linux.

Accordingly I ask the general public: How do I install Synergy on Ubuntu Hardy Heron?

Incidentally, I saw  two herons the other day on the way to work.

I suppose I will also be wanting instructions on how to install SL under Linux.


Flock: I’m tired of having to copy the Flash dll etc. files in to the right directoryl

The Flock browser doesn’t seem to be able to deal with installing Flash properly.

If I’m smart enough to find and copy the appropriate files then the Flock browser ought to be too.

It seems like I’ve done this on this install of Flock but I do so much similar stuff all the time it all becomes a blur.

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Mashable: keep track of the invites I’ve accepted and signed up with.

I sign up with a lot sites using the Mashable invites page.

It would be really nice if mashable had a page that would keep automatically keep track of what I’ve signed up with through their invite service.

When you get an invitation using the mashable site, you also get an email requesting confirmation which has link that takes you to a confirmation page.

The confirmation page could have added to it a “Have you signed up?  Yes/No” and a “Add to Invites Signed Up List? Yes/No”.

If you say yes to add to the list then it would have a place to fill in the username you used and other useful info. 

If this list would serve as an automatic login page that would be really great.

The list could be public or private, with the public page showing only appropriate fields. ma

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Opera 9.5 beta 2 – try it out or wait for a later release?

I just installed Opera 9.5 beta 2 over top of my previous Opera beta installation.

When I go to, I can’t type in the username and password fields.

When I tried to go to, Opera crashed.

If you’ve gotten used to using Kestrel as your regular browser, you might want to wait for a later release of Opera 9.5 beta 2, or at least make sure to install it in a different location in hopes of still being able to use your previous Opera beta installation.

I’ve been using Opera a good while now and not had any problems quite like this.

Fortunately I’ve been using Flock for my regular browser on one machine and Firefox 3 betas on the other so it doesn’t really matter. 

I’ll just to continue to update the Opera beta and leave it unused for normal browsing untill they introduce enough new features to make it worth trying again.

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Split screen bilingual translating browser or browser extension?

I’m wondering if anyone knows if there’s a splitscreen bilingual translation browser or browser extension.

What I’m looking for would work best if the screen was divided into two parts, a top part and a bottom part.

In the top part you’d be on a page like the Hipihi web site, which is in Chinese, and requires that you log in to access certain parts. So you log in and you see the stuff there that’s only available to logged in folks, but you can’t read it because it’s in Chinese and you are English only. Or German only. Or French only.

So you split the screen and the bottom part shows the translation of the top part.

Anyone who’s tried to use Google translate on pages that require logging in knows that it doesn’t quite work like it ought to.

The Google translated search doesn’t quite do what I’m looking for. All the foreign language sites that require login such as the ones that I look at like,,, and the old papermint site and a few French language virtual world sites refuse to operate properly if you are trying to view them in the Google translated version.

Instead of being a translated version of data directly from the foreign language web site, the translation window needs to get it source date from the untranslated window.

If anyone has any clues as to the whereabouts of such a bilingual translating browser or browser extension please let me know.

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Does uWorld run with English Windows?

I registered at and downloaded the program.

The installation program stops with an error message immediately after starting.

I’m think maybe uWorld only runs on Chinese Windows systems.

Anyone know if that is true or not?

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Hipihi’s population is likely to be increasing now that it’s open beta.

There’s a forum for English speakers to talk about Hipihi at .

I suggest that folks sign up with  to ask questions about Hipihi in addition to using the company forum at

I’d like to ask any bilingual users of Hipihi to post any help they can with using the Hipihi interface.  There’s a lot of it untranslated.

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