Tabbed Browser should be added to Second Life in-client browser

The in-client browser used in the Second Life virtual world client is a mozilla variation, based on Firefox code.

This browser is being groomed for more usability in future releases.

The usefulness of the Second Life in-client browser would be greatly improved by introducing a tabbed browser interface.

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2 Responses to “Tabbed Browser should be added to Second Life in-client browser”

  1. markcotrupe Says:

    It would be great to have a Flock Browser capability in SL. You could truly unite your RL and SL. I just tried Flock and, while I have alot more to explore, I’m really impresssed. I currently use Firefox. I have been using tabbed browsing for about a year now and just love it. It’s a nice way to keep concurrent and diverse information readily available.

  2. csven Says:

    I’ve been telling anyone that would listen that we need a kind of plug-in capable client such that, for example, you could download a bare-bones application and then a) add traditional 2D browsing capability b) have windows/tabs which open to other 3D spaces, and c) add custom functionality to each 3D space for things like modeling or image editing; plug-ins for the plug-ins.

    It’d be a kind of intermediary step before a true 3D desktop with access to a “metaverse” with layers of virtual worlds – some open and closed (an intermediary step I’d rather bypass, tbh, but the entrenched resistance is tough).

    btw, my 3D CAD application has had an integrated browser for about 7 years now.

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