Hipihi is back up – and so are the Floating Trees

Hipihi 50012 SP1 is running now, the servers are back up and the new client is available for downloading.

This picture shows a problem I’m have several times in Hipihi and have read about others having.

The terrain is showing as rather or completely flat, but the trees are positioned in way that would be appropriate if the terrain was hilly or mountainous.

This is the result of some old terrain date being used for some reason instead of the correct terrain data being loaded from the Hipihi servers.

The usual fix for this is to delete the folder the Hipihi terrain and other data is stored in.

I’m pretty sure that renaming or deleting the Data folder in the Program Files/Hipihi folder will force Hipihi to redownload all the data which will include the appropriate terrain data.

I have done this now and it appears to be working.

This is at Hipihi coordinates -5970 11950, but the problem is not limited to that location.
Well, I tried my usual fix described above and I was hoping to show a picture of this terrain as it it supposed to appear.  Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.   It may be a matter a waiting for a fix at the Hipihi  company end of things.

It’s good to see Hipihi back up in  a timely manner.


One Response to “Hipihi is back up – and so are the Floating Trees”

  1. Ric Mollor Says:

    I went to the same spot with a clean install of Hipihi and saw the same situation with the trees being above the ground.

    Perhaps some terrain data was lost on the servers duning the upgrade?

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