Openlife Grid – first visit

I’ve just arrived in the Openlife Grid world.

I am using the RealXtend client for Openlife Grid.

Both Openlife Grid and the RealXtend client are new to me.

Openlife Grid is an opensource alternate grid based on Linden Lab’s Second Life technology.

Openlife will look familiar to SL users, and the regular SL client can connect to the Openlife grid.

I like trying various clients so I figured I might as well try the RealXtend client that’s been modified to work as an Openlife Grid viewer.

For more info or to give it a try, see .


One Response to “Openlife Grid – first visit”

  1. Ric Mollor Says:

    I see that you were vexed with the same rendering bugs that I experienced when testing the RealXtend viewer. If you have an interest in ‘alternate grids’ you might want to give CentralGrid a look also. The physics engine there seems to be a bit more responsive, though in defense of Openlife I believe that the long route from Australia may have something to do with the difference.

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