Somewhat old news: Hipihi gets new CTO

Zhu Zhenyu (Toshitaka Jiku) has been appointed CTO and vice-president of the Hipihi company. Formerly the chairman, vice-president and CTO of virtual world producer 3Di, Inc., Zhu Zhenyu moved to Hipihi in March of 2008.

What are the implications of this?

If memory serves 3Di, Inc. is part of the Japanese Meet-Me virtual world project.

I’m at work at not able to check further on this at the moment.


Facebook friends suggestions wanted

If you are in facebook, and are interested in virtual worlds, social networking, or online collaboration, or the other junk I write about from time to time, you can suggest friends to me at

Note: a name appeared here very briefly where the facebook link should be and now is.  That name was not me, I apologize to the person who’s name it was.  That was just a failure of the Synergy keyboard sharing person’s “share the windows copy buffer” feature.

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Tabbed Browser should be added to Second Life in-client browser

The in-client browser used in the Second Life virtual world client is a mozilla variation, based on Firefox code.

This browser is being groomed for more usability in future releases.

The usefulness of the Second Life in-client browser would be greatly improved by introducing a tabbed browser interface.

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Looking for a beginners guide to Ruby using Heroku

I’m looking for a beginners guide to Ruby using Heroku. 

I have no experience with or knowledge of Ruby.  I’ve looked at an old Ruby book long enough to think the syntax looked nice. 

I think they’ve changed the syntax since then but maybe it’s still not too bad.

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Hipihi is back up – and so are the Floating Trees

Hipihi 50012 SP1 is running now, the servers are back up and the new client is available for downloading.

This picture shows a problem I’m have several times in Hipihi and have read about others having.

The terrain is showing as rather or completely flat, but the trees are positioned in way that would be appropriate if the terrain was hilly or mountainous.

This is the result of some old terrain date being used for some reason instead of the correct terrain data being loaded from the Hipihi servers.

The usual fix for this is to delete the folder the Hipihi terrain and other data is stored in.

I’m pretty sure that renaming or deleting the Data folder in the Program Files/Hipihi folder will force Hipihi to redownload all the data which will include the appropriate terrain data.

I have done this now and it appears to be working.

This is at Hipihi coordinates -5970 11950, but the problem is not limited to that location.
Well, I tried my usual fix described above and I was hoping to show a picture of this terrain as it it supposed to appear.  Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.   It may be a matter a waiting for a fix at the Hipihi  company end of things.

It’s good to see Hipihi back up in  a timely manner.

Hipihi – new cursor and shooting noise when you click.

I don’t know what this is about, but in Hipihi 50012 SP1 the cursor has changed to a green sphere with cross hairs, and when you click there’s a video game shooting noise.

I haven’t found an English descriiption of what is in the new service pack except for improvements to the server.

Note for English only people, there will be a new program folder created for SP1, and there will be another copy of the configuration file that requires manual editing to change a value from 0 or -1 to 1. Until you make that change again the interface will be all in Chinese.