Is there a way to get a list of senders for a gmail account?

I’d like to be able to get a list of senders – the email addresses that sent me mail – for a gmail account.

This seems like a thing people might want but I can’t find a way to get one that doesn’t involve manually adding every sender to the contact list.

I have thousands of emails, I’m not going to perform a multiple mouse click operation thousands of times or look at all the thousands of individual messages in order to skip past the many messages that came from the same sender.

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6 Responses to “Is there a way to get a list of senders for a gmail account?”

  1. Subghoul Epsilon Says:

    Click on “Contacts” in the left sidebar. There should be a link on the page somewhere for “Export”. Depending on gmail version, you should be able to:

    Google’s CSV format (for importing into another Google account).
    Outlook’s CSV format (for importing into Outlook or other applications).
    vCard format (for importing into Address Book or other applications).

    Hope this helps…

  2. erich13 Says:

    One way to avoid looking at mail from an individual is to use the following search tool, by example

  3. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Re: “Click on “Contacts” ”

    The contact list does not contain everyone that has sent you mail. It contains those to whom you have responded, or that you have performed the multiple mouse click operation rejected in my post.

    Re: “One way to avoid looking at mail ”

    I am not trying to avoid looking at mail. I am trying to get a list of everyone that has sent mail to me.

    A list of everyone that has sent mail to you is not the same thing as the contact list.

    I am aware that you can manually add senders to the contact list without replying to them. That is what I don’t want to do.

    I am looking for an automated way to get a list of everyone that has sent email to my gmail account, for every message that is still there, and it would be fine to leave out the spam senders too, and the stuff in the bin, althoughmanually deleting the spam and emptying the bin before getting the list made is not a problem.


    Thanks for your responses.

  4. Arseny Says:

    I am looking for something similar to you, I want to get a list (csv) of TO: from a list of 50 messages I sent. Doing this manually would really stink!

    I found this: But I don’t know if it actually works.

    I am thinking, I’d add my gmail account to outlook and use this program to extract whatever info I need. Not sure if this software works, but it may be worth a shot. Let me know if you have any luck.

  5. Arseny Says:

    Ok. I tried the solution I wrote about and it worked REALLY well. I don’t work for these people, I promise, but this software worked without any problems. If I had a complaint it was that Outlook is REALLY slow.

    Here’s how it goes: you install the plug-in, enable “mailing list services,” and then go into “Options.” From there you’ll need to add some rules to do whatever you want. For me I had it grab all the recipients from selected messages and saved them to a .csv. The software only costs $24, but the trial is for 30 days I think. I am thinking of asking my boss to buy it for the office.

    I guess to do whatever you want you’d just need to enable imap or pop in gmail and import everything into outlook. (I’d recommend imap.) Should save you a lot of time.

  6. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Interesting, thanks for the response.

    I don’t have Office, just Outlook Express.

    I have many thousands of pieces of Gmail. The gmail “send-it-to-a-POP account ” function won’t send the the entire batch of thousands of messages all at one time. You can get Gmail to send all the old mail but it takes many hours (over the course of days) for it do so.

    Thunderbird wasn’t real happy about having so much mail in it, and neither was Seamonkey or Eudora. None of them seemed to have a “export senders” function.

    Hmm, maybe If I had the mail in Thunderbird I could save the whole batch of mail as a text file and let a string processor work it on.

    Being able to get a list of senders seems like something that should be built into every email client.

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