Translating the Hipihi help pdf file “居民帮助手册.pdf”

Hipihi comes with a pdf file in the Hipihi program folders, called 居民帮助手册.pdf

I want this translated into English. A bilingual person could do this themself, so if you are such an able and willing person, I’d like to know.

There are other more labor intensive methods. To try some of these other methods it would be very useful to have a version of the file in HTML with as much formatting preserved as possible. This could then be put into a wiki and folks could use Google to provide machine translations which would be good enough to get someone started using the program which would then provide the experience and knowledge needed to polish up the Google machine translation.

So if anyone is willing to convert the Hipihi 居民帮助手册.pdf into English or convert it into a different format such as HTML or MS Word, please let me know. Thanks.
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