Novoking – NPC dancers in a disco reached via an offshore telepad.png

Novoking – NPC dancers in a disco reached via an offshore telepad.

These dancing avatars have great moves but there’s no one on the other end.

The avatars appear to have better joints than SL or Hipihi or else the Novoking  makers have picked a really well made animation.


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2 Responses to “Novoking – NPC dancers in a disco reached via an offshore telepad.png”

  1. Ric Mollor Says:

    Where is the telepad to reach the disco? Is this the same disco that is in the city? It appears to be from the photo but is somewhat difficult to be certain.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    If in a virtual world you go to two different telepads and teleport from them to places that appear identical, and you are the only one in the places, what tests would you conduct to determine if there are two different destinations or just one?

    I don’t think your avatar marker appears on the map when your are in a disco, so I think that easy approach to answering the question might be ruled out.

    I don’t think I can put images in comments here. The owner of a site ought to be able to put images in responses to their own posts, but alas.

    The picture at the above link has a little green dot near the center where the telepad is.

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