Novoking – where is everyone?

It’s 4:50 am in my part of the world – and thus afternoon in the Novoking offices. 

Prime time or close enough  for someone in China to be on the internet and in the Novoking virtual world.

I have a sleeping disturbance that’s acting up – I woke up just a few hours at most after going to sleep.  Work will be hell, with lengthy intense yawning fits that hurt the damaged nerves inside my right lower lip that hurt all the time and more so when I yawn, grimace, smile, etc.

This bad time of day for me to be up is prime time for being awake nearyly halfway around the world where the Novoking offices are.

So  I log in to Novoking in hopses of seeing someone and there’s no one.

Is the system working properly?  Am I not seeing avatars that are really online?  That’s certainly a possibility. 

I have seen a few people there but all put together it can’t be more than 10 people all told since I started.

There’s stuff in the sandboxes, and there’s stuff in the places where you can import object from external modeling programs.

Perhaps they just haven’t let many people use the system yet. 

That is not too plausible because there are posts in the Novoking forums.

So where is everyone?

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2 Responses to “Novoking – where is everyone?”

  1. Sofian Mannonen Says:

    May I suggest something?
    I was never able to log in Novoking and nobody cared to answer my query when I submitted my case.
    My guess is that Novoking is dead, simply dead, with maybe two or three guys cleaning the offices in China…
    It is just a guess, kind of joke maybe, but I don’t give a damn about this world.
    I am personally fed up wasting my time with incomplete and unprepared applications.
    There are so many others that deserve our attention.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Well, there is a Novoking virtual world – it is still running.

    You had problems – but not everyone did.

    There are builds there in the sandbox and in the indivdual parcels. Assuming one parcel per account, there are a fair number of accounts.

    I did actually see someone in Novoking since making this post. However it did not appear that they saw or heard me – or if they did they said nothing, or they said something but I couldn’t see any chat.

    I have met some folks and chatted a bit. I met someone and we went in the disco and danced and chatted. I met someone and we went up real high, which takes some effort in Novoking, and talked.

    It’s a very nice looking place. Lately I’ve seen some NPC avatars, dancing – I think it is safe to say they weren’t being operated by users. Excellent animations – the Novoking body may be more sophisticated than SL or Hiipihi’s or else they just have some really good dance steps made.

    I welcome all new virtual worlds.

    I will be pleased to see the international version of Papermint this April.

    Also I want to see uWorld, and Atari was supposed to be making a virtual world – what happened to that?

    And the Japanese based virtual world Meet-Me – is there an English language registration page?

    Someone needs to make a virtual world that connects with the Open Social system.

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