Hipihi 50012

I don’t know 50012 has in store at the moment.

I tried to start up Hipihi and an english language dialog box came up and said to download 50012 and offered me a choice of downloading or not. The message said yes or no, but the buttons on the dialog were labeled ok and cancel.

Another dialog appeared with the buttons labeled in chinese. I chose the one on the left. Sometimes this works, sometimes I should have picked the one on the right. Not agonizing too much over which choice to make is one of the secrets of using a program that has an interface partially in a language you can’t read.

If the download is going true form it will be very slow and since it’s after 1 in the morning I won’t get to try Hipihi 50012 out till tomorrow.

Oops, spoke too soon.. Up till now, the Hipihi downloads have been very slow. This time it’s changed, the download is at 150 KB/s, a perfectly acceptable rate at which to get a file that’s 62 megs big.

This faster download is a great improvement. I hope it’s permanent.

The TOS (License Agreement) is still in Chinese.

The PDF help file, which looks like it would be real helpful if I could read it, is still in Chinese.

I’ve tried to translate these with Google but it’s just too much to deal with convering the file from pdf to html and copying the text chunk by chunk into the translator and back. I’m sure there a “pay for ” method to do this easily but I can’t find an easy “for free” method.

Hipihi 50012 has a bunch of red in the color scheme for the manual and login screen in connection with the Spring Festival and Chinese New Year celebration . There’s a picture of some kind of treats and beverages on the login screen. They have good designers at Hipihi.

I did remember to go the xml file in the Hipihi program folder and change the 0 to 1. This is part of using the partial English interface.

I haven’t gone to the forums or the website to figure out what is different about 50012.

I’m logged in now.

Last time I was in Hipihi, someone gave me something they’d made. I put it on as an attachment.

Starting out now, I’m still wearing it. snake attached

The hair texture is from a globe of the earth.

The attachment is a snake, multiple prims, made by Bullman, attached to one of the numerous attachment points Hiphi avatars have.

Someone asked my why I wearing cowboy clothes. That’s what the system put on me! I don’t have much other clothes in Hiphi. I haven’t gone to the bother of making any, but I think I could ask people for some now that one can do inventory transfers.

Time to look around. Hi.

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