Hipihi 50012 – F1 Help – in English!

Not to report great things too soon, but pressing F1 in the new Hipihi version 50012 has produced a screen of help text in English.

I’m not able to copy and paste the text, unfortunately, but here is a screenshot: F1 Help in English

Hipihi has a setup program that I need to run because Hipihi thinks my video card is a bit better than it really is, or something like that. I can set my card to the optimum setting, the lowest setting, but I can’t read the dialog box text, and I still don’t know what the other settings are for or how to set them correctly.

The FPS setting had shown 50, I changed it to 20, thinking it might be the FPS I want the system to try to achieve. 20 is adequate, I’d rather see farther and have things look better. So maybe 20 will let the system try to give a better display. Or maybe not, how do I know, I can’t read the instructions.

Well this time setting my video setting to the one that worked in earlier versions has not caused the terrain to display properly, the terrain is gray.

I am also unable to walk. I don’t know what the problem is is.

I’m getting tired. I think I will see about heading on to sleep shortly.

To read more about Hipihi 50012, if you read Chinese, go to hipihi.com, if not, go to http://www.ideashape.cn and the Overseas Zone forum in the forums at Hipihil.com.

Hipihi’s looking good.  At least some of my problems with 50012 were my own fault, not paying proper attention to details when installing, then getting “creative” trying to fix things, i.e., really screwing it up.

There’s some nice looking builds there.

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