Linden Blog Doesn’t Load – forum 503 Service Errors continue

Linden Lab says that it wants to have millions of people online in a Second Life protocol based 3D internet.

Let’s hope LL does a better job with the 3D internet than it’s doing with the 2D internet lately.

The Linden Lab blog doesn’t load reliably.

Linden Lab’s persists in producing frequent 503 Service Unavailable errors. It can take dozens of tries to finally get a forum post to go through, or to see the next thread in a forum.

Please fix the website, LL, and don’t let the customer service department be telling people the problem is fixed when it’s not.

Linden staff may not spend much time in the forums and not be aware of just how pitifully bad they are behaving.

I would not be surprised if there were some folks leaving Second Life forever solely from aggravation with the forums abysmal performance.

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