Good way to tell LL they’re stupid

A thread in the Linden Lab’s Second Life Forums (payment verified members only) from an exasperated user expressed the desire for a “Good way to tell LL they’re stupid”.

I’m don’t think Linden Lab is stupid. I don’t have to agree with the premise in order to conjure up ways to tell LL they’re stupid. Here are a few:

One good way to tell LL they are stupid would be to get a picture of each staff member, and get a “Books on Demand” printer to produce a customized dictionary for each each staff member. The employee’s picture would be included in the the definition of stupid with a caption like “This person is stupid.” Mail these to LL.Other good ways to tell LL they are stupid would be to have a full building wrap done on one of the skyscrapers in downtown SF with giant magenta and green letters spelling out the “LL is stupid” message.A skywriting plane spelling out “LL is stupid!” every day for a month would probably make the point.

The Goodyear blimp has electric signage that could be brought into play in spreading this message.

Maybe you could get some major soft drink makers to print this on the inside of bottle caps. That would be kind of odd, getting a drink and finding “LL is stupid!” in such an unlikely place.

I suppose one could use prims at the right height and location to display this message on the map inworld.

Coordinate blog replies so the first letter of a number of replies in sequence spells out “LL is stupid!”.

Sneakily acquire their driver’s licences and put a little teeny strip of paper with the word Stupid! on it over top of where their name goes.

Maybe someone can add some more.

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2 Responses to “Good way to tell LL they’re stupid”

  1. Day Oh Says:

    Well, you should’ve made this post in reply to the LL blog post, so it shows up as the only comment. (:

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I was planning on spending more time thinking of good ways to tell someone something.

    I think getting the message spelled out in the stars would be neat. A giant constellation that spells “Fix the 503 errors now!” for instance.

    If the leaves on a tree fell to the ground an landed in a pattern than spelled out the words “Return your library books today!” one might not forget to return the library books.

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