Novoking virtual world English instructions

The main url for the Novoking virtual world is

Near the bottom right of that page is a link for the English version of the site.
That English language Novoking page is at:

There’s a link for the download page linked toabove, that url is

I think the version of Novoking  you find on the English page in the struck out text above is obsolete.   I think you need to use the version available at the Chinese download page, which is at .

At the bottom of that page there is a list labeled “English User Guide” which has the following links:

· Novoking Guide Ch1 sign up V1.1.pdf

· Novoking Guide Ch2 get dressed v1.1.pdf

· Novoking Guide Ch3 change appearance v1.1.pdf

· Novoking Guide Ch4 making friends v1.1.pdf

· Novoking Guide V1.1.pdf

I present this in hopes of getting people to sign up. Novoking is a very nice looking place, but it is so empty of people.

Folks that do Maya and Studio Max should be interested in Novoking because it allows for importing things created with those programs.

There’s free land to import your creations on during the test period.

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19 Responses to “Novoking virtual world English instructions”

  1. Ric Mollor Says:

    Thank you for posting links to these guides. I’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring NovoKing and it seems to be have great potential. It truely is a beautiful world with very few ‘rough edges’ in the user experience. It will be interesting to see how it progresses and how they handle user generated content.

    FYI, the link for the ‘get dressed’ pdf isn’t working. Additionally the mediafile URL to the right of the link doesn’t seem to work either. Howevery the content of all the ‘chapter’ guides is contained in “Novoking Guide V1.1” so that is the only one that is necessary.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    The for pointing out the bad link. I think it’s working now.

    These links are right from the Novoking site. They aren’t the result of an intensive search on my part, and I certainly didn’t write the files linked to. I post them because people don’t seem be able to find things even though they are out in plain view.

    It’s possible that the people indicators, the green dots, don’t work properly, but I rarely see anyone when I’m there.

    I can understand not seeing a bunch of non-Chinese speaking people like myself, but I would expect that with a big group of potentially interested people in China that there would be at least 20 or 30 people there at a time, but I don’t.

    Of course I am almost all the way on the other side of the planet, about as much out of synch as one can be, which doesn’t help much, but I do keep odd hours, so I am online at times in the middle of my night when Chinese folks would be awake.

  3. jess Says:

    Why don’t the downloads for novoking work? I have the chinese version but hell if i can understand anything and it wont let me log in anyway

  4. SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

    There aren’t any versions of Novoking other than the Chinese version, so far as I know.

    If you have a version of Novoking that won’t let you log in, then the download must have worked to some degree.

    Possibly the download urls on the English page are different or outdated. Try downloading from the Chinese language download page.

    Unless they’ve just recently made an English interface, which is not likely yet, since they are still in testing, the interface will be in Chinese, so to use the program you will have to be doing some translating and guessing and trying things at random.

    If you are properly registered, you should be able to post in the Novoking forums. The forum software and almost all the posts will be in Chinese, of course, but if you are going to be testing a program in a language you don’t speak, you’ll need to develop the abilty to figure out how to do things like post in a foreign language forum.

    Are you registered with Novoking? Can you log in to the website?

    Are you using the latest version of Novoking?

    I have just now found English guides to Novoking that’ I’ve never seen before.

    The url for these English guides is .

    Also to run Novoking you need to install the Ageia physics driver, which is linked to on the Novoking download pages.

    Possibly you might find the Novoking facebook group a worthwhile place to ask questions at.

    It’s a shame that the forum is closed since the earthquake.

    It’s also a shame that Novoking got rid of their English language forum.

    Try the links below and see if they help any.

  5. Ub Says:

    Is novoking still alive ? i manage to download the chinese client but it won t let me log in…..And still many english links are broken so i bet they just give up ?

  6. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Novoking is still running, at least as of the last week or two ago.

    I’m currently having a technical problem getting the Novoking viewer to run and connect properly. I think it’s a problem on my end of things, I mess around with the computer a lot, and I think I messed something up. I can connect to the disco part of Novoking but not the virtual world part.

    There is a forum at, and while the forum software is in Chinese, I managed to figure out how to post there.

    One thing about logging in, you have two names at novoking, an account name and a nickname that shows over your avatar inworld. To log in you have to use your account name.

    Alto Xeno has a nice web page with a section on Novoking, that’s at .

  7. Ub Yifu Says:

    Thank you but it s a shame they don t make it easier for people to connect there and also people tell me there s almost NOBODY on novoking and hipihi.
    So there s still nothing to challenge second life ?

  8. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Hi Ub,

    Sorry for the delay in responding; I think I suffer from both lethargy and IIADS caused by TMTO. (Internet Induced Attention Deficit Syndrome caused by Too Many Tabs Open)

    It is true that there are very few people online in Hipihi or Novoking. They are both still in beta, though, both with major parts of desirable functionality, such as scripted objects and an economic system left to implement.

    Novoking will have one less person online – me – from now on until their support team or the Novoking community can help me figure out why I can’t connect to it anymore. I’m at a loss.

    If you’re looking for virtual worlds other than SL where you can actually expect to meet people when you log in, I’d suggest existing systems like Active Worlds, There, VRML worlds like Cybertown, or still in beta, Kaneva.

  9. bri Says:

    hi sue,
    I am aware that people have asked you about this question.. but after installing, I run Novoking. And the login window appears but when i press the big gold sign in button, it does not do anything. Can you pleas help.

  10. alexis Says:

    I have the same problem. I have the latest version of Novoking. I have installed it already, and i click on the sun icon, then square comes up. The background is white, in the bottom left corner there is a big gold circle with Chinese letters in it. There is a male avatar towards the left, and towards the middle there are 3 pictures of female avatars. Under that there are four icons: a phone sign with Chinese words in it, a box with an arrow coming from it, a finger pointing to a circle, and the other is for options I think. And I just cant`t seem to find the login button. T know this was very long but your help will be very appreciated.
    Thanks, alexis

  11. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    alexis, the big gold circle you said was on the left is really on the right, correct?

    When things are working properly, you should either see some numbers showing update progress above the gold circle, or if updates are completed already, when you put your cursor over the gold circle it will turn purple.

    Clicking on the circle while it’s gold should bring up a windwo with a scene from Novoking and a login screen. You fill in your account name, which is not the same as your nickname that would appear over your avatar
    s head in-world, and click the left button to proceed or the right button to abandon login. The buttons aren’t very buttonish looking.

    First thing to do so far as troubleshooting goes is to make sure you meet the system requirements and that you have the latest version installed, which I believe is version .491 -it should be the version you get to from the big download link on the main Chinese page .

    I believe the support address is If you write them you might want to specifically ask for an answer in English.

    It would probably be good to post in the Novoking forums, the url for which is if you log in at the main page, you will be logged in to the forums also. The forum pages are in Chinese but forums are forums, if click a few times you should be able to figure out a forum. You can get translation add-ons for the Firefox browser, as well as making extensive use of the Google “translate an url” function. I use ShaPlus for when I’m using Internet Explorer and gTranslate for use in Firefox or Flock.

    When you get a problem bug report written, with system specs for your computer and a description of exactly what is going wrong, then you could email it to gm@, post it in the novoking forums, and if you are in facebook, find the Novoking group I created, join it and post the question there. has a forum for virtual worlds other than Second Life, it can’t hurt to post it there too.

    As I mentioned, I’m currently unable to log in and connect to Novoking, although I do get as far as having the login dialog appear and accept my username and passworld.

    I have a forum for Novoking discussion, but no one has ever posted in it at all; I don’t even recall if I’ve posted in it myself.

    Novoking had to lay off a fair percent of their staff recently, and they also moved their offices not long ago.

    I like their product, it’s a nice looking place, and I enjoyed chatting with the people I met there. I hope the Novoking staff is doing well personally and I hope their business survives and prospers.

    Well, it’s getting late, I wish I could be more help.

  12. Ub Yifu Says:

    Hi all
    I finally found the way to run an log in NOVOKING ! The tip for the VISTA users is to right clic the icon and run novoking as administrator so the client can update the game.
    So i finally log in novoking and i think i was the only one there 😉 I thought that such a big country like China would have at least few people connected.

  13. kim Says:

    Hi sue,
    I know this forum is about Novoking, but if you know anything about second life can you please help. I have been studying sl for a while, and i have come to like it. So I decided to make an account, I made a user name and password, but then it asked me for my credit card. And I just don`t feel comfortable giving that kind of information to the internet. So I decided to give my cell phone number instead. But it turns out that they don`t have my cell phone provider. I have Centennial I am from the U.S. but my phone company isn`t really known much. So if you can help my email is

  14. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Kim, to the best of my knowledge you don’t have to supply either a credit card number or a cell phone number in order to create a Second Life account.

    What is the url that you are using to join Second Life with?

  15. kim Says:

    I`m sorry about that, I was using some kind of website to think I was making an account, but it was really to steal my personal information. But I did end up making an account, and I install it, but then it said something about my video cord was not installed correctly. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. Is there anyway I can update it?

  16. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Kim, you might want to consider using some kind of “phishing protection” to help keep you from landing on scam web sites.

    The Dell 1501 is a pretty stripped down model laptop. I’m not able to tell exactly what kind of video processor it has, although it appears that some of them have an ATI 1150 integrated video processor. If that’s the case in your case, there’s a SL jira issue at that suggests you might be able to upgrade your video driver and get it to work with SL.

    To update your driver you’d go to the Dell website.

  17. Paul Says:

    Hi Sue, I’ve been looking into Novoking for a couple of days now, thanks to your website/blog I have managed to get as far as logging in with my character, customising it and dancing in a Disco with a group of NPC’s. As for having my own apartment I am non the wiserm the home button gives me a chinese error message.

    If I leave the 3 shopping areas I am in a completely blank and void place, and I have not seen any other avatar other than my own. I am a 3dSMAX modeller and was looking forward to testing out the uploading of models but so far I have no joy.

    Do you think this product has gone down the drain and is long forgotten about by any chance?

    • Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

      I don’t know what the status of Novoking is.

      I’ve asked in the Novoking forums, but not gotten a clear response. There are some posts there that give me the impression that folks in China are still able to access the virtual world.

      I have been unable to access anything but the disco part of the world for months now.

      If it was truly out of business I doubt the disco world or the web site would still be up.

      If it was possible to use the forums and see the content translated into English while logged in it would be a lot easier to communicate, but that does not appear to be possible using any forum I have tried using every translation service I have tried.

      If one could get hold of one or more of the people that post in the forums and use an IM translation service such as MeGlobe on might be able to get better answers.

      One can also try emailing and see if that works.

      • Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

        Just yesterday or the day before I decided to give Novoking another try, so I uninstlalled the current intallation, manually checked to verify that the Novoking program folder was gone, and reinstalled a fresh download. To the best of my knowledge there has been no new version since I last downloaded the installer, so the new installer should have been identical to the old installer. I had already gone through this process several times a while back with no luck as a result. This time, after the new installation completed, I was able to connect to Novoking. This might have been the result of a change at the Novoking end of things or a change to the hardware or other aspects of the connection between my computer and the Novoking servers. So far as I know, I didn’t change anything other than doing one more fresh installation.

        I’m glad it worked. Novoking is a nice looking virtual world system.

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