HiPiHi New Naming System

This is from the Hipihi forums in a post  which oddly enough I can’t enter here in the Flock blog editor because their name is in Chinese:
HiPiHi New Naming System
HiPiHi is adopting a new naming system, giving residents the opportunity to register a HiPiHi user name in your native language; at the same time have an International ID to facilitate communication in a multi-lingual environment.
(1 )Registration
Every resident will have a Login ID as well as an International ID.
–       The Login ID may be in your chosen language, be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese or others; Your International ID may only contain English alphabets, numbers, – and _.
–       Your International ID will be displayed on another HiPiHi resident’s screen when your Login ID (which may be in your native language) could not be recognized by their operating system. (so nobody will drift around without a name)
–       Existing residents will have an opportunity to add an International ID. http://service.hipihi.com/community/login.jsp
(2 )User Name Invalidation
 The new naming system will be case-insensitive, which will invalidate some existing user names due to doubling up. In this case, the resident with the earliest registration time will be deemed the “name owner”. Other users with the “same” name will receive an email notification from HiPiHi for further instructions to re-register.
There are several ways to find out whether you have a user name double-up:
1、A message will pop up when you login to HiPiHi world.
2、Check your email
3、Check out the “List of invalidated user names” posted in the official forum. http://forums.hipihi.com/main-read-68-ff80808117a524b00117ab1e4b6c1a7a.html
For residents who are required to re-register, should you wish to keep your existing land parcel and other inventory, please re-register a new account name first and email us at support@hipihi.com . Please tell us :
1 your new account name                                                                    
2 your old account name                                                                      
3 your email address (when you first registered with us)
We will do our best to complete the data transmission for your as soon as possible, and will email you the details when it is done.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your kind understanding and support!
HiPiHi Team

It is good to see Hipihi taking on the challenge of make a virtual world that works well in world that is extremely multi-lingual.

In the Hipihi world there have been many times I wanted to use someone’s name but I can’t type in Chinese.

The names of objects, textures, scripts, etc. need to be done in some sort of a multi-lingual way.

One could, I guess, give everything in the virtual world two name slots, one for the “universal language” and one for the language choice by the item creator. 

I’d like to see a more flexible system, in which names of items, decription fields, etc. are all multi-lingual.  I suppose the item creator could define their “native language name” and the “universal language name” and any other translations they are able and willing to offer, and set a field to allow others to add translations in additional languages in somewhat of a wiki style.

Of course I also want to see machine translation available in chat. Come to think of it, why not machine translation for the names of inventory items, descrptions, inworld  ads, etc.

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