The decline of the Linden Lab support forum

Linden Lab has claimed to provide a support forum in it’s site by the name of Resident Answers.

A sticky post describing the acceptable content for the forum makes it clear that it is meant as a support forum,  a place for people with questions about how to use the Second Life virtual environment to help each other.

Linden Lab has now completely abandoned any attempt to make that forum be a support forum, yet they leave the worthless rules about forum content up for display.

What is so difficult about removing the completely ignored rules and replacing them with a set of rules that reflects what they actually want to use the forum for?

Today the forum has a pointless debates on topics discussed to death already.  Someone is playing forum games in their responses,  quoting peoples previous posts but changing the name the quoted passage is attributed to.  Folks are posting responses to vanity threads that say “Tra la la la.”   There’s a post asking for Second Life poetry.

Useless posts, posts that could be made just as effectively  at sites such as sldrama or sluniverse.  

Linden Lab could change the rules to “Any kind of useless blather is here.  Couldn’t make it as a stand-up comic at the local comedy club?  You can still use your failed material – here in the Resident Answers forum.  Can’t handle the heat in a real verbal combat forum like alt.flames?  Enjoy your lame lambaste-offs here – in Resident Answers.  Too lazy to get a IM account and chat your friends in IM – don’t feel like getting email – no problem.  Resident Answers is here for you.  Can’t be bothered finding the free classified forums to advertise your land club’s group events?  Not a problem, since you named your group with the word Forum in it we’ll pretend it is an official activity and let it be advertised here.   Just feeling like saying Tra lah lah or making ascii character pictures of boobs and penises – hey, Resident Answers is the place for you.

I would think that a company would want to show a bit more spine, more focus, and more integrity than to say “Here’s a forum for support, don”t be rude, stay on topic, it’s not for advertising, and it’s not a chat room” and then just ignore what they said.

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2 Responses to “The decline of the Linden Lab support forum”

  1. Tervel Coanda Says:

    You are right, but there is no need to be so critical. Maybe if they created “General” forum, then we will can write about everything, and use Residential answers only for more serious purposes.
    And don’t forget, that in the forum write people, and when they talk with someone they can feel others more closer and to forget about minute for the rules and enjoy the conversation.
    With best wishes, Tervel Coanda (one of the yesterday’s silly writers in the forum 🙂

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    There is a seeming infinity of places to engage in idle chat.

    There’s only one place to be the official support forum for Second Life.

    Allowing all forms of random chatter eliminates the purpose of having the forum. Random chatter can be done anywhere.

    There used to be a general forum. People would over and over and over say that since it was named general, they could talk about car repair and politics and anything they want, such as attacking other user’s intelligence and moral character.

    It just makes me sad. I’ve spent thousands of hours in the SL forums and now they are becoming not worth reading.

    One thread has a list of names like “Ivana Feelya” and “Inita Man”, just a bunch of stupid crap that has nothing to do with Second Life at all.

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