Hipihi – Interactive Flash on a Prim! – also, chat is up, registration is down

Hipihi’s version 50011 brought new features but also some bugs.  One such bug was that the chat wasn’t working for some people; some folks couldn’t see anyone’s chat other than their own.

Tonight the chat is working for me.  I don’t know if that means the means the problem was fixed or if it is just an intermittent problem, but it was nice to get to chat some.

One person showed me a problem.  They had a big box with a flash animation texture attached to them , and if I understand correctly, they couldn’t detach the box because they had given the box to someone else.  I may not understand correctly, the person spoke English as a second language and it would only take one wrong wrong to confuse the meaning, but it was  a problem having to do with what you can do with objects based on who’s they are and what state they are in, a type of problem that must be common when creating virtual worlds.

There is a problem with the Hipihi registration process.  Registration is apparently down.  It might be only the English page.  I haven’t seen any more than a short error message when you click the registration link.

A Hipihi user by the name of “tdwjqkjf” demonstrated some interactive flash.to me.

The are some spheres, and I can click on them and they change color.

I don’t know what sorts of powers Flash will be given in the Hipihi world. 

I saw another virtual 3D space that used Flash to let users make 3D objects.  I don’t know if the Hipihi company wants to do that or not.

I’d show a video of the interactive Flash animation but taking videos is a pain.  It’s great to see Hipihi’s – and Hipihi user’s – powers exanding.

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