Hipihi servers back up 6:09 CST 1-19-08

The Hipihi server gods heard my prayers and decided to let me in!

I’d been in Second Life, Twinity, and Kaneva to fill up the time I couldn’t get in.

Here’s something I just noticed:

Note the field for Copyright Owner.

I’ve seen comments about how Hipihi won’t bother with copyrights, that the Chinese legal system doesn’t have the concept of copyrights, etc.

From my quick read of wikipedia and a translation of some Chinese statutes it appears that China does have the concept of copyrights in its legal system is party to current international copyright treaties.

The Hipihi company is at least thinking about copyrights, as reflected in the field name.

I’m not saying it’s good or bad that Hiphihi has this copyright owner field, just noting that it does.

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